Puzzles, Physics and Space in Nebulous Coming Soon

Nebulous is an upcoming physics based puzzle platformer from Namazu Studios coming to PC. In the game players will play as an astronaut who is sucked into a wormhole complete with maze-like puzzles to tackle. To proceed through...
by Ross


Welcome to the Zoo, the Mekazoo, in 2015

Do you like the Zoo? Do you like video games? If you answered yes to these questions, then The Good Mood Creators have just the game for you…kinda.
by Chris



Castle in the Darkness is Coming Soon!

Those of you who enjoyed The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, as well as those who appreciate a little bit of “Retro” will be glad to hear that Matt Kap, with Nicalis Inc., will be releasing their new project, Castle in the Darkn...
by Dante


InSomnia Funded!

Try to name something more awesome than spaceships, role playing games, and dieselpunk. Go ahead, I’ll give you a second to think about it. Okay. Whatever you thought about is wrong, because the correct answer is that there i...
by Dante



Paranoia Mode Update Welcomes Halloween to Guncraft

Def: paranoia (ˌpærəˈnɔɪə) – noun 1. informal intense fear or suspicion, esp when unfounded 2. a form of schizophrenia characterized by a slowly progressive deterioration of the personality, involving delusions a...
by Chris



Watch Dogs Delayed to Early 2014 [UPDATED]

Well here is a genuine shocker, the hotly anticipated Watch Dogs, originally set to make its grand debut In November, has been delayed to spring 2014 on all platforms.
by Chris


Cities of Tomorrow

Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack for SimCity Announced, Releases Nov. 12

SimCity’s first expansion will be a first hand look at the city of the future, and you get to build it. Cities of Tomorrow releases on November 12th for PC and Mac, filled to the brim with new content, including new regio...
by Chris



Offensive Combat Open Beta 2.0 Starts Today

As of today, the new Offensive Combat Open Beta 2.0 begins. But, that’s not all because along with the new 2.0 open beta there is also a new Player Appreciation Program that has been implemented as well. Before the switch...
by Mark


Second DLC Expansion Coming to Sanctum 2

If you like the hybrid FPS/tower defense action of Sanctum 2, well do we have good news for you. Developer Coffee Stain Studios has recently announced a DLC expansion titled ‘Ruins of Brightholme’ which will be avai...
by Ross