Resident Evil Revelations Coming to Consoles This May

Early today via press release Capcom confirmed that Resident Evil Revelations will release at retail for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo’s Wii U in North America on May 21 and in Europe on May 24, 2013. The title...
by Mark


Richard Sherman Wins Madden NFL 15 Cover Vote

The Legion of Boom has earned another accolade, as Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman has won the Madden NFL 15 Cover Vote. Sherman faced off against Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in the finals and...
by Mark



Silent Hill: Book of Memories Delayed

Silent Hill Book of Memories has been delayed to a Spring release date. Konami changed the release date on the official website to “Spring 2012” from the original March 27th without even sending out any press rele...
by Mark

wii mini logo

Canada Gets Exclusive Wii Mini

In a press release Nintendo has confirmed that Canada will be getting an exclusive Wii Mini this holiday season starting on December 7th, at the affordable price of $99 how can you go wrong with that? Simply by not including on...
by Mark



Playstation assures users Playstation Store will be up by the end of the week!

I know, I know you have heard it all before, but this time it is really for real. One reason. E3 is next week, and there is no company on earth that wants to host a press conference for all of their stockholders, developers, pu...
by George



Gearbox Interested In PS Vita Version Of Borderlands 2

Some interesting Borderlands 2 news has been getting some buzz as Gearbox announced at “The Rezzed PC Conference” that they would support a PlayStation Vita version of their upcoming release, Borderlands 2. In doing so, the...
by Mark


Wargaming Presents 30 Plane Mayhem

Sometimes, when I’m playing an online game, I think to myself: You know what would make this better? If the enemy team had another 5 or 10 guys for me to destroy. If you feel the same way, then your prayers have been answered...
by Dante



Debute Trailer for The Cosmos is MINE! Released

Australian indie developer Playcorp has launched its ambitious and engaging new real-time strategy game, The Cosmos is MINE!, on Steam Early Access today. Set in an alternate 1950s universe, The Cosmos is MINE! is a multiplayer...
by Mark


rocket league neo tokyo

‘Neo Tokyo” to be Rocket League’s biggest update to date

Independent video game developer and publisher, Psyonix, will release an enormous free update for its popular sports-action hybrid, Rocket League, on Monday, June 20. Packed with tons of new features and content, the latest upd...
by Mark


Sony’s Playstation Suite Goes Live With Open Beta

Sony’s cross-platform PlayStation Suite SDK is now officially in open beta. What this means is that anyone, without having to enter in a contractual agreement with Sony, can start to try and develop apps that will work with P...
by Mark