Kickstarter May bring us Shenmue 3!

As of late Kickstarter has helped bring us the games we want but other wise would not get due to lack of funding and or publisher support. Due to the huge success of kickstarter campaigns for games like Double Fine Adventure, P...
by Nathaniel Huggins


Rumors and Speculation: New Sony Announcement on 04/19/2012?

If Sony’s latest Facebook cover photo is what it seems, we have anew announcement to look forward to. “Will vengence bring redemption?” reads the picture. Early and likely speculation point to God of War IV as...
by Chris


Wii U

Rumor: Developers Not Impressed With Wii U Graphics

When talking about the Wii U, many have boasted that the graphical capabilities will raise the bar above the current generation of consoles. But according to reports coming from GameIndustry, this couldn’t be further from...
by Malik


Rumor: Apple Manufacturing iOS Physical Controllers

We all know that Apple has had an eye on a share of the gaming market for a while. If this wasn’t obvious before, the announcement of the new iPad and their recruitment of Epic Games to do an exclusive title for the platf...
by Malik



Zipper Interactive Shutting Down Still Just A Rumor

Zipper Interactive, one of Sony’s first party studios who are best known for their Socom franchise and the massively hyped FPS turned flopped shooter MAG, is in the process of being shut down, according to the internet...
by Mark



Batman: Arkham World *Spoiler Alert* From Mark Hamill

So for those of you who were watching the Spike’s 2011 Video Game Awards, there was a plesant surprise when The Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill) won Character of The Year and during his unserious joking thank you speech was ...
by Mark


Target Reveals Diablo 3 Release Date or Place Holder?

As the title says apparently Diablo 3 now has a release date, I’m listing this as “rumored” news as we all are aware that websites can make mistakes. (clicking opens up the page in a new tab) has D...
by Mark



Survey Suggests New Crossover Game…by Sony

Those of you who participate in product research surveys may have received a Playstation 3 survey today. The survey pertains to a new Playstation 3 game. Without explaining anything about the style of the game, the survey asks ...
by Chris



Preview: “New” IP Unearthed to release for all platforms

If Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta despite being a new IP soon to be released for almost all systems  seems like a case of been there done that, don’t worry it isn’t your imagination. Read on to find out all the &#...
by George