Hunt the Truth

A Tale of Two Stories: The Hype vs. the Reality

If there is one thing Microsoft is really good at, it is advertising their Xbox exclusives, and no exclusive is bigger than Halo. It came as no surprise to see countless trailers, commercial, ads and websites pop up as October ...
by Chris


E3 2015: The Reunion is Finally at Hand

Sometimes, dreams do come true. At this year’s E3, we received confirmation of the long requested and awaited Final Fantasy VII remake. Despite no gameplay being shown, no release window being given, just knowing it exists wa...
by Chris



E3 2015: Putting Backward Compatibility into Perspective

Just in case you were unaware after all the hype surrounding the Sony conference, Microsoft dropped a few bombs of their own. The biggest was surely Phil Spencer’s announcement that the Xbox One would be backward compatible s...
by Chris


Unconvectional Lighting

Torches are pretty cool, right? There’s something so rustic and satisfying about having your path lit through the gentle flicker of a life-giving flame. It’s also contemporary—despite the ubiquity of magic, Whiterun isn...
by Fabian



How To Be Better: Halo 5 Guardians

Let me preface this by saying I love the Halo franchise. Not just the games but the books, comics, live action series; everything. I have enjoyed every Halo game to different extents, but I truly believe that they have all been...
by Ross



Grand Theft Auto V and the Black Underclass of America

After seventeen thousand years or so, Grand Theft Auto V for the PC is finally on the horizon. With it, there is bound to be another wave of people that vehemently disagree with Rockstar’s approach. I recently met one of thes...
by Fabian

htbb ps4

How To Be Better in 2015: PlayStation 4

To say that Sony’s PlayStation 4 was a success in it’s first year on the market would be quite the understatement, currently there are 18.5 million units sold and while that’s a lot of consoles out the door an...
by Mark



How To Be Better In 2015: Xbox One

The Xbox One seems to have a lot going for it right now. Coming off a Holiday season where it outsold the competition in the U.S. and had a decent offering of exclusives, the path should be clear to an even stronger 2015. Howev...
by Chris



Chris Has A Fever, and the Only Prescription, Is More Video Games

I-I’m feeling faint, my temperature is rising, I think I might…I might have a fever. Whatever, can I do, to cure, this fever? If only I had, a prescription of some kind. Oh wait, I do. It’s 2015 now kids, and I got a feve...
by Chris


Ross Likes His Wii, Do U?

Last year was somewhat of a revelation for me when it came to gaming. I feel like I wasn’t following the industry as closely as I should have toward the beginning of the year and . . . well . . . when I came back, there was D...
by Ross