How Many Nights Will You Survive?

While on my occasional Steam Greenlight spree I stumbled upon a game by the name of Survive the Nights. When I saw that it was yet another FPS survival game I was ready to click no and move on with my life. However, the video t...
by Chris


Skara: The Blade Remains First Impressions

NOTE: The game previewed in this article was in an early alpha build. Skara: The Blade Remains definitely has an interesting concept going for it: what happens when you combine a MOBA with fighting game combos? You get potentia...
by Ross


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Chris’ Controversial Corner: Everyone’s Favorite Bad Guy

When talking about video game publishers, most of the talk comes down to how they are after your money or don’t care about the players. This, of course, is true in most cases. Publishing is a business and they want to make as...
by Chris


Top 5 of E3 2014: Ross’ Picks

                  E3 2014 was a huge success in my eyes. Every press conference had something to offer and was one of the more well-rounded E3s in recent memory. Out of all five conf...
by Ross



Top 5 of E3 2014: Chris’ Picks

E3 is the only time of the year where it is more exciting to watch games be announced and shown than it is to actually play games. This year’s E3 posed the difficult task of really showing us what this new generation of conso...
by Chris



First Impressions: Blockstorm

Blockstorm isn’t just another “Minecraft with guns,” despite the fact that many developers have found themselves coming to the conclusion that the one thing Minecraft was missing is guns. Rather than try to fo...
by Chris


A Roast of SimCity 2013: The Most Realistic City Simulator Game Ever Made

It has been one year since SimCity 2013 was released. Though it doesn’t constitute the biggest fail of 2013, there’s no denying that Maxis’s changes were both plentiful and completely unwelcome. Compared to Si...
by Dante


Upside Down Mechanic

First Impression: Constant C

This weekend I got an opportunity to preview a Steam Greenlit game called Constant C. The game is expected to be released on March 7, 2014 and, so far, it’s looking good. Constant C is a platforming game wherein the playe...
by Dante


Twitch Plays Pokemon

The Gaming Community is in a State of Anarchy

If you’ve used the internet at all whatsoever within the past thirteen days, then in all likelihood you’ve heard something about Twitch Plays Pokémon. If you haven’t, the concept is simple: “TwitchPlaysPokemon is strea...
by Dante

Amazon logo

Double Helix Purchased By Amazon, Now What?, the purveyor of just about everything, has recently made a potentially huge purchase. Double Helix, the studio behind Silent Hill: Homecoming, Killer Instinct on the Xbox One, and the soon to be released Strider, is...
by Chris