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How To Be Better in 2015: PlayStation 4

To say that Sony’s PlayStation 4 was a success in it’s first year on the market would be quite the understatement, currently there are 18.5 million units sold and while that’s a lot of consoles out the door an...
by Mark


How To Be Better In 2015: Xbox One

The Xbox One seems to have a lot going for it right now. Coming off a Holiday season where it outsold the competition in the U.S. and had a decent offering of exclusives, the path should be clear to an even stronger 2015. Howev...
by Chris



Chris Has A Fever, and the Only Prescription, Is More Video Games

I-I’m feeling faint, my temperature is rising, I think I might…I might have a fever. Whatever, can I do, to cure, this fever? If only I had, a prescription of some kind. Oh wait, I do. It’s 2015 now kids, and I got a feve...
by Chris


Ross Likes His Wii, Do U?

Last year was somewhat of a revelation for me when it came to gaming. I feel like I wasn’t following the industry as closely as I should have toward the beginning of the year and . . . well . . . when I came back, there was D...
by Ross


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How To Be Better in 2015: PlayStation Vita

Last year was arguably the best year for Sony’s PlayStation Vita, after a sluggish two years of lackluster games and virtually no marketing for the device, other than the Borderlands 2 bundle with the new LCD model, we sa...
by Mark


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How To Be Better In 2015: Wii U

The Wii U managed a surprisingly excellent end to its 2014 campaign toward relevance. Almost in spite of the success Sony and Microsoft were having with their new platforms, Nintendo released a few high profile first party titl...
by Chris

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How to Be Better in 2015: 3DS

2014 was an interesting year for Nintendo. The Japanese giant decided to focus more on pushing units of the struggling Wii U by heavily promoting games like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 while their handheld took somewhat ...
by Ross


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What’s New With…Driveclub?

It’s been a difficult road to travel for Driveclub. Between server issues that is the stuff of nightmares and the indefinite delay of the free PlayStation Plus version of the game, you could say that Driveclub didn’t have t...
by Chris


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ThoseGamingNerds Top 10 Games of 2014

Well, here it is, the site wide Game of the Year list! If you haven’t seen them already our individual lists are already live, so you can see what games we each considered to be among the best. This list, however, is abou...
by Chris

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Chris’ Top 10 Games of 2014

All things considered, 2014 wasn’t all that bad of a year. There were a lot of games I had fun playing, and a lot of game that disappointed. Even still, I believe the 10 games below are well worth of being called “the best...
by Chris