The Ion-Insider: Blame Canada Eh?

With the Playstation Vita early release bundle coming out in two weeks (February 15th) and it’s official launch on 22nd of February I expected to start seeing some great trade-in deals for the Vita through the two largest...
by Mark

Bitter Jungle

Memoirs Of A Socom Junkie

As I sat in the aqua-tinted lobby screens of Socom 2, I remember hearing some of the most heated arguments, debates and discussions take place in my cheap $20 wired PlayStation headset. I’d sit there jamming the circle bu...
by Malik


I am Setsuna

Let’s Make JRPGs Great Again

This week starts a surge of JRPGs coming west with the likes of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE and Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness releasing, only to give way to games like I Am Setsuna and the juggernaut Final Fantasy XV ...
by Chris


Chris’ Controversial Corner: No Hard Feelings

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a treat for you because I saw something that could not go unpunished for being such an incredible waste of an article. As much as I hate the idea of promoting this article, you have to read it to un...
by Chris


Injustice Ion Insider

The Ion-Insider: Who I Think Should Be In Injustice: Gods Among Us

It’s no secret that I know a thing or two when it comes to comic books and super heroes, so imagine my excitement when I finally got my hands on Injustice: Gods Among Us. For those of you who don’t know Injustice: G...
by Mark


Uncharted 4 1

The Human Element: Uncharted 4

Human isn’t often the kind of word you use to describe a video game. Most games just can’t reach the level of immersion required to make a player forget they are playing a game. Uncharted 4 is a rare exception to this rule....
by Chris


Chris’ Controversial Corner: Don’t Knock It Til You Try It

Your eyes do not deceive you; it is time for yet another Chris’ Controversial Corner. Today I would like to take some time to talk about the upcoming PlayStation Vita Launch in North America. Much has been said about the rele...
by Chris



Andrew’s Atrocious Thoughts: What should Nintendo do about its Future

So now that we all got the facts about the next-gen consoles coming out for Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo is starting to look like a big joke to many people. Sure a lot of people have had these thoughts since the Wii U was annou...
by Andrew



Ross’ Reckless Rants: The State of RPGs

Skyrim, Mass Effect, and Fable are all modern day RPGs that are loved by millions and millions of people. Another thing to keep in mind is where they are made: the United States, Canada and England, respectively. These are what...
by Ross


Now’s The Time To Pick Up The PS Vita

So the PlayStation Vita has been out now for roughly a year and a half and while the sales were alright it wasn’t exactly taking Nintendo’s spot as the leader in handheld gaming, plus factoring in that mobile gaming...
by Mark