by Ross


PAX East 2012: Jet Set Radio HD Hands-on

Sega had an impressive set up at this years PAX East convention in Boston, and I was lucky enough to hang out with the Brand Manager for Jet Set Radio and play the new HD version of the game that will be dropping this summer on...
by Mark



IndieCade Comes to NYC in February

The International Festival of Independent Games, IndieCade, has made a successful journey east. Hosted by the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City, IndieCade will be taking place February 15-17. There will be over 20 fe...
by Chris


PAX East 2012: Novus Aeterno First Look

Most people who came to PAX East this year ran to the likes of Ubisoft and 2K Games to check out their biggest games of the year. Of course it is great to see games of that caliber early and get to play them, but PAX is about f...
by Chris



BFIG 2015: r.e.B.E.R.t.h.

Likely the loudest booth on the floor of BFIG, r.e.B.E.R.t.h is a side scrolling shooter with a rhythmic twist. Every shot fired by you or your foes impacts the music in the game. Holding down fire adds a constant line of music...
by Chris



Battlefield 1 to have ‘Intuitive Destruction’

DICE, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio, invites you to join a world of discovery and epic warfare through ever-changing battles only in Battlefield 1.  Intuitive destruction and dynamic weather ensure that no battle is ever the ...
by Mark

Blood Alloy FI

BFIG 2015: Blood Alloy: Reborn

Blood Alloy: Reborn reminded me a lot of Mega Man X, if Mega Man were some crazy cyborg ninja with a sword. What started in 2013 as a failed Kickstarter is now a tactical shooter/slasher coming to all major platforms and even t...
by Chris


Reflections FI

BFIG 2015: Reflections

When Ross came to me and said he found a game that was comparable to the likes of Gone Home and The Stanley Parable, I knew what game I was going to play next. Developed by Broken Window Studios, Reflections is a first person a...
by Chris



PAX East Hands-On: Sanctum 2

Sanctum was a very unique game when it released. It was a first person shooter tower defense game. Two very popular but very saturated genres merged together to make and experience like no other game. The only major complaint t...
by Chris

epic card game

BFIG 2015: Epic Card Game

When I first got the initial press release for Boston Festival of Indie Games and it showed a list of all the developers and games that would be showcased this year there was one team of people who made a great card game in the...
by Mark