The Quick and the Dead

The Quick and the Dead (Week of June 14th)

Welcome fellow gaming nerds, to a new segment here on ThoseGamingNerds. It is a segment we like to call The Quick and the Dead. Now you’re probably asking, Chris what the hell is The Quick and the Dead? Well, it is our look a...
by Chris


Take Time To Think: Music in Video Games, Part 2 – The Legend of Zelda

One of the most well-known video game series of all time is the Legend of Zelda series. Along with this distinction, it can also be said that the music from the Zelda series is among some of the most recognized music in the his...
by Steven


Steam Broadcasting FI

Steam Broadcasting: Let them Broadcast

One could look at challenging Twitch as a fool’s errand, especially after becoming a member of the Amazon family. With millions of streamers and viewers, in addition to playing home to the biggest and best events in eSports, ...
by Chris


The Quick and the Dead (Week of May 15th)

Welcome back everyone to yet another edition of the Quick and the Dead, Andrew here again, still trying to kill off Mark in hopes of taking over. Which brings up the question as to why Mark keeps me around when all I do is try ...
by Andrew



Ross’ Retro Reviews: Final Fantasy VI


The Final Score 4.5 / 5 -
by Ross



Review in Progress: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning-Day 4

This update is going to be a quick one. I got a lot done today, but nothing I can really talk about without giving away spoilers, and that’s not how I roll. This is a spoiler free zone…for the most part.
by Chris


The Quick and the Dead (Week of March 12th)

Hello everyone, Andrew here for the first time this year to tell you about games you should be spending your money on. Now if you are wondering where I have been these last few months, you should keep your questions to yourself...
by Andrew



How To Be Better In 2015: Xbox One

The Xbox One seems to have a lot going for it right now. Coming off a Holiday season where it outsold the competition in the U.S. and had a decent offering of exclusives, the path should be clear to an even stronger 2015. Howev...
by Chris



Skara: The Blade Remains First Impressions

NOTE: The game previewed in this article was in an early alpha build. Skara: The Blade Remains definitely has an interesting concept going for it: what happens when you combine a MOBA with fighting game combos? You get potentia...
by Ross

by Ross