rayman 3 hd

First Impressions: Rayman 3 HD

Long before any of the many Raving Rabbids releases, the educational games, or the many ports, Rayman had a game all his own. Rayman Origins released late last year for almost all platforms (excluding the PS Vita which was  re...
by George


The Quick and the Dead (Week of April 10th)

Hey everyone, it’s Andrew again to bring you this week’s the Quick and the Dead. As you may or may not know Mark and Chris have spent the weekend at PAX East. While there they managed to score an interview with Jere...
by Andrew



The Quick and the Dead (Week of February 14th)

Welcome to another installment of The Quick and the Dead, brought to you by Those Gaming Nerds. This week both Chris and Mark are busy trying to kill off the horde of zombies I inexplicably summoned to destroy them, so it...
by Andrew

Brought to you by a fan on twitch.tv/nightmarecv

Chris’ Controversial Corner: The 99%

While perusing the internet a little over a week ago, I came across an article from Forbes. While I never considered them video game enthusiasts, I read this interesting piece regarding Bloodborne, and how its high critical pra...
by Chris



Where Did They Go Wrong? PlayStation Vita

Despite my devout belief in the system, the Vita just didn’t have any games that excited me last year. 2016 was the first year that really made me feel like the end was near for my favorite platform on 2014. In speaking to Ro...
by Chris


El Shaddai

First Impressions: El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron

El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron is a very interesting game. It initially feels like a below average game. It plays like a game from last generation. If, however, you can get past this initial feeling of mediocrity, there i...
by Chris


ThoseGamingNerds Update

Hey there everybody. Just wanted to send out a quick update to our loyal fans. First off I want everyone to give a huge welcome to our comic genius friend Brendan. If you haven’t already seen, he has posted our first web...
by Chris


HtbB Vita

How To Be Better in 2015: PlayStation Vita

Last year was arguably the best year for Sony’s PlayStation Vita, after a sluggish two years of lackluster games and virtually no marketing for the device, other than the Borderlands 2 bundle with the new LCD model, we sa...
by Mark



The Quick and the Dead (Week of December 4th)

Hello once again, Andrew here, bringing you the long lost Quick and the Dead… Finally. The last month I had to spend dead as Mark has started to retaliate against me for all the attempts I have made to take him out. It ...
by Andrew


Grand Theft Auto V and the Black Underclass of America

After seventeen thousand years or so, Grand Theft Auto V for the PC is finally on the horizon. With it, there is bound to be another wave of people that vehemently disagree with Rockstar’s approach. I recently met one of thes...
by Dante