The Quick And The Dead (Week of May 14th)

Mark back again with this weeks Quick and The Dead, and I’m going to give you the low down on this weeks new game releases instead of Andrew because well I don’t have any funny reasons as to why but I’m the boss s...
by Mark


The Quick and the Dead (Week of March 12th)

Hello everyone, Andrew here for the first time this year to tell you about games you should be spending your money on. Now if you are wondering where I have been these last few months, you should keep your questions to yourself...
by Andrew



The Quick and the Dead (Week of May 29th)

Welcome back to another edition of The Quick and the Dead. Andrew here again and this week I am reeling from yet another failure to get rid of Mark and Chris. In an unprecedented event last week at the restaurant I sent Mar...
by Andrew


Grand Theft Auto V and the Black Underclass of America

After seventeen thousand years or so, Grand Theft Auto V for the PC is finally on the horizon. With it, there is bound to be another wave of people that vehemently disagree with Rockstar’s approach. I recently met one of thes...
by Dante


wii u how to be better logo

How To Be Better In 2015: Wii U

The Wii U managed a surprisingly excellent end to its 2014 campaign toward relevance. Almost in spite of the success Sony and Microsoft were having with their new platforms, Nintendo released a few high profile first party titl...
by Chris



The Quick and the Dead (Week of December 4th)

Hello once again, Andrew here, bringing you the long lost Quick and the Dead… Finally. The last month I had to spend dead as Mark has started to retaliate against me for all the attempts I have made to take him out. It ...
by Andrew


First Impressions: The Secret World Beta Templar Edition

Starting this weekend on Friday May 11th until early morning on Monday, Funcom opened up the first Beta weekend for The Secret World giving out tons of keys for players to test out some of their upcoming upcoming MMO. The beta ...
by Mark



Retro Rewind: Justice League Task Force and Batman: Revenge of The Joker

Just to start things off Retro Rewind, which should be self explanatory as to what this will be about, is our newest feature here at ThoseGamingNerds. Since this is the first one for the site I felt like covering two video gam...
by Mark



The Quick and the Dead (Week of April 10th)

Hey everyone, it’s Andrew again to bring you this week’s the Quick and the Dead. As you may or may not know Mark and Chris have spent the weekend at PAX East. While there they managed to score an interview with Jere...
by Andrew


Ross’ Retro Reviews: Final Fantasy VI


The Final Score 4.5 / 5 -
by Ross