First Imperssions: Duke Nukem Forever

Hail to the king baby! Duke is back motherfuckers. No more of this pussy emo hero shit. Hell, it’s about time to put the bad ass back into BAD ASS MOTHERFUCKER. I mean, who doesn’t want to punch aliens in the jewels? If the...
by Chris


First Impressions: No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise

For those of you who read earlier on in the month on our site about No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise finally coming over to the Playstation 3 with move support, well yesterday when the Playstation Store finally was back u...
by Mark



Chris’ Controversial Corner: Understating Relevance

Welcome back, and to new readers, welcome for the first time. This here is Chris’ Controversial Corner. Here, I like to poke holes in some of the things said in this industry and in some of the things going on in it. Today, I...
by Chris



Chris’ Controversial Corner: Undergoing Maintenance, What’s in it for me?

Well hello my fellow gaming nerds. If I may be so bold, I’d like to try something new. Fans of Tony and his Tony Tell’em will no doubt have heard him refer to his most successful video, about fanboyism. That particu...
by Chris