PAX East 2012: Max Payne 3 Hands-on Preview

At this years PAX East we were lucky enough to get some sit down time with Rockstar Games at their Max Payne 3 booth behind closed doors to try out the game being a long time fan of the game series I was more than excited to fi...
by Mark


PAX East 2012: Novus Aeterno First Look

Most people who came to PAX East this year ran to the likes of Ubisoft and 2K Games to check out their biggest games of the year. Of course it is great to see games of that caliber early and get to play them, but PAX is about f...
by Chris



PAX East 2012: Far Cry 3 Hands-On

Ubisoft is in full force at PAX East showing off all of their major upcoming titles. One of the more interesting on display is the Far Cry 3 multiplayer mode. After the overall poor reception from fans with Far Cry 2, Ubisoft w...
by Chris


PAX East Hands-On: Diablo III on Playstation 3

Here is a little bit of information all you non PAX goes might not know. We of the media are lucky enough to enter the Exhibition hall an hour early on the first day of PAX. While many ran toward booths for The Last of Us, Leag...
by Chris


Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Logo

PAX East Hands-On: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Blizzard’s surprise visit to this year’s PAX East in Boston wasn’t just to show off Diablo III for consoles. No, Blizzard had an entirely new game to announce, not a sequel or a previously talk about game, something...
by Chris


Saints Row IV

PAX East First Impressions: Saints Row IV

Saints Row the Third was a blast to play, and there are very few people who do not agree. So you can understand the joy I must have felt when I was invited to take a behind closed doors look at the upcoming continuation of the ...
by Chris


Dungeon Hearts – Pax East

At Pax East we were Lucky enough to stumble upon this indie placed far from the rest of the other indie booths, tucked away by its lonesome Dungeon Hearts is an interesting take on puzzle based rpgs. Dungeon Hearts is most comp...
by Nathaniel Huggins


AC3 Main

PAX East 2012: Assassin’s Creed 3 First Look

Today we managed to get a behind closed doors screening of some never before seen Assassin’s Creed 3 single player footage. The primary purpose of this screening was to show how the gameplay has further evolved from previ...
by Chris



PAX East Hands-On: Warface

There are many free to play first person shooters on the market right now, but very few have managed to stand out enough to become huge success stories. Crytek and Trion Worlds are ready to try their damnedest to stand out wi...
by Chris


PAX East Hands-On: Sanctum 2

Sanctum was a very unique game when it released. It was a first person shooter tower defense game. Two very popular but very saturated genres merged together to make and experience like no other game. The only major complaint t...
by Chris