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Kuroko No Basuke Season 2 Review


Our Review 4.5 / 5 -
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Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! Season 1 Premium Edition out now

Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! Season 1 Premium Edition, the hilarious and out-of-this-world anime featuring creatures based off the lore of H.P. Lovecraft, is now available for purchase across North America. Adventure, love, an...
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Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge Standard Edition out April 29

NIS America has announced that Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge Standard Edition, the wacky, hilarious continuation of the exploits of the denizens that reside below the Arakawa bridge, will be available for purchase across ...
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Chronicles of the Going Home Club set for North American release

NIS America is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Chronicles of the Going Home Club for the North American market. The title is currently available for viewing on both Hulu and Crunchyroll streaming services. A retail re...
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YURUYURI Season 2 Premium Edition Available Now

YURUYURI Season 2 Premium Edition is available now thanks to NIS America, the continuance of the charming series starring Akari, Kyoko, Yui, and Chinatsu as the four sole members of their middle school Amusement club, is now a...
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