Aquaman #15 continues just where Justice League #15 left off (read our full review here) with Aquaman filling in Batman on the Atlantean War Plans.  Which leads to a long conversation between the two discussing Aquaman and what really went on during the years he return to Atlantis and became their king. It is revealed that Aquaman was pressured to prove his loyalty in a way which lead to him using his knowledge of the land world to create war plans as a fail safe in case Atlantis was ever viciously attacked by the surface world.  Aquaman then goes over the various stages that were put in place and that the first stage Batman and the rest of the country just saw as Gotham City, Metropolis and other East Coast cities were flooded.

I won’t go into detail as to everything that was said but this was a key part of the story not only for the story arc or the Justice League but for Aquaman as it shows that all he’s been trying to do is find a place to call home and struggles being a half-human half-Atlantian, which it seems that Batman starts to understand his fellow Justice League member better and almost shows a sign of sympathy for Aquaman.

As Aquaman #15 draws closer to it’s end we finally have the face-to-face confrontation between Aquaman and his younger brother who is now the King of Atlantis, we witness Aquaman pleading with his brother to end the attack now before it gets even more out of hand, with the Justice League watching on secretly.

The issue ends with quite the cliffhanger and it will be exciting to see where it goes next with Justice League #16. Even if you aren’t an Aquaman fan I would suggest you check this comic out as it has definitely brought Aquaman up from the metaphoric “mid tier” super hero status to full blown A-lister and I think this will boost Aquaman’s popularity as well.



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