There are very few comic books that when I read them from start to finish I immediately go back and read it again just because of a monologue a character is giving, but with the newest issue in the Death of The Family crossover mini-series is in Batman and Robin #15. I’m a fan of Batman and while I use to get tired of The Joker I can say that so far in Death of The Family this newly revamped image of The Joker is insane (literally) and down right terrifying at times just by the way he carries himself and what he is saying.

I’m going to try and stay as spoiler free as possible in this review as this is one of the few mini-series out there that shouldn’t be spoiled and experienced first hand for readers. With that being said the main story going on in Batman and Robin #15 is that Batman is off trying to track down The Joker while Robin is stuck staying behind at the Batcave since Alfred is still missing (and/or presumed dead I won’t give away any details) so Damian is holding down the fort for his dad. But, for those of you familiar with Robin’s personality you know all to well that he doesn’t deal well with sitting around and waiting, so of course he goes out and investigates where Alfred was attacked and abducted at the Wayne Manner.

With his keen detective skills Robin figures out a possible location for Alfred and investigates, I’ll just leave the story at that point for you. This issue really revolves around The Joker and his ill-willed feelings towards Robin and the Robins of the past. And after a very powerful and utterly chilling dialog delivered from The Joker you realize more of why he targets who he has been and also just how much of a personal connection he feels towards Batman. This is one of the few issues where Batman’s presence isn’t there at all and instead focuses more on The Joker and Robin, which I am not complaining about as one of the main things that draws me into the Batman and Robin series is the personality of Damian Wayne and how he interacts with his father as well as how unique and different he is compared to the Robins of the past.

I also want to point out that Patrick Gleason art style in this comic really captures the tone and ominous feelings you get from The Joker and the environment he is in, just a reminder I am really trying to stay spoiler free as to where he is and what is going on (it’s not easy).  With the combination of some great writing and art Batman and Robin #15 is going to be easily remembered as one of the key issues in the Death of The Family series and could be that one stand out issue for any Batman related comic for this year. With that being said I hope you pick this comic up, and if you aren’t familiar with what’s going on in the story I’ll be doing a full review of the series once it ends in February with Batman #17.



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