While it seems Marvel may have beaten that dead horse which is the X-Men and all things related to them too many times here comes an all new X-Force series for readers, and yes the X-Force may be apart of X-Men more than any other series in the Marvel Universe this series has close ties with the Avengers as well since this is another one of the new series ‘post Avengers vs X-Men. But, what sets this series apart from other X-Force titles of the past is the name, it is titled Cable and X-Force so this is more about Cable and the Summers’ family after the AvX events. Are we really ready for more Summers’ family drama though?

Now to just get one thing out in the open and out of the way, yes Cable did start the X-Force but let’s face the facts he hasn’t been in the spotlight or really any sort of major character in that series for quite some time now, so it’s good to see he’s back with a new series of his own with the X-Force. Right off the bat with Cable and X-Force #1 is some action just the way we like it, but after a quick altercation with his uncle Havok and the Avengers (yes Havok is Cable’s uncle and what not, if you don’t know Cable’s backstory don’t worry we’ll do an article about that one day). So after a quick altercation and an even quicker retreat from Cable and his group which is comprised of: Colossus, Domino, Forge and Dr.Nemesis we go to a flashback to ten days earlier, which I wasn’t a fan of as it was an abrupt break from some intense moments in the comic.

The one downside in this new series is Hope Summers, at the end of Avengers vs X-Men they teased at more interactions and a play on the relationship between Hope and Cable but it seems that she is a minor support character so far, factor in Havok into this family mix and it seems that this will be a very family drama filled series. I’d like to especially point out that as a Colossus fan there was no real fan service for him in this issue, and while I like the artwork from¬†Salvador Larroca I felt that story wise Colossus isn’t going to really be anyone worth mentioning in this series as he is pushed to the background fairly early on in the issue.

Needless to say Cable and X-Force is a series to pay attention to, with All New X-Men continuing Cyclops and his new journey post AvX and now Cable and X-Force continuing another side from the point of view of the family aspects around Hope, Havok and Cable it will be interesting to see how these two new series intertwine with each other and hopefully revamp the X-Men universe and bring some order to it as it has been a cluttered mess of too many storylines going on.



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