Cable and X-Force started off a bit jumbled and still continues on with that format as readers now know the ending and some of the beginning thanks to the lack of a real structure for how the timeline will be told. In the last issue we saw Cable attack the Avengers and then jump through a portal for a retreat making himself and the X-Force look like terrorists, which led to an altercation between Cable and Colossus. This issue continues that and shows Colossus leaving the group, which at the same time technically is before what happened in the opening of the first comic, insert confusion here.

While Dennis Hopeless is trying something new with his way of telling a story arc with other story elements thrown in is nice it still seems really unorganized but this second issue does seem to be an improvement over the very cluttered first issue. Another problem with the series so far that was revealed in this issue is that Cable is once again dying, talk about beating a dead horse, first we had the virus that Cable had that was killing him and now after receiving brain surgery from Dr. Nemesis we find out that his brain is swelling and soon he will die. Cable is a great comic book character and to see a majority of his storylines involving a sub story arc involving him dying is getting old and annoying.

There are some positives to this issue though as we finally get to see Hope and Domino in action which was entertaining as both are very recklas and unpredictable when fighting the weird virus sand creature that was never really explained, I think it was really put in there to start a dynamic relationship between Domino and Hope. It would have been nice to get more of a back story as to what the enemy was but since it wasn’t really of an importance I’m fine that that didn’t waste too much time with it. Even with some minor annoyances I’m still not ready to write this series off as it has the potential to be great and as each issue ends it seems that they lead into something better and hopefully soon the story will start to come together.

Salvador Larroca does a great job with the art style in this comic, he’s clean and detailed style in this comic make it probably one of my favorites Marvel is putting out right now, that’s based just on the art style though not the story. The attention to details and even character features, mainly when Cable is getting his brain surgery and you see one of the character’s reaction to his skull being opened, really shows that you can almost understand just how gruesome of a scene they are looking at.

With all that being said Cable and X-Force is off to a slow and confusing start but hopefully within the next few issues we will see some semblance of organization and a set path for where things are going. It’s always good to keep your readers guessing but only if they are guess what will happen next, not what is happening now.



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