Forever Evil #1 is the first issue of the stand alone comic that kicks off the Universe wide crossover, and the first crossover since DC comics started the New 52s. Forever Evil follows the events of the Trinity War that started back in July of this year. For a full synopsis of what happened in that miniseries we’ll have a full article up that will act as a catch up for this new series. This series revolves around the villains of Earth and to coincide with the release of Forever Evil #1 DC is treating September as “Villains Month” where all the super hero titled issues have been taken over by their respected enemies, for example The Flash #23 is now Grodd #1, but we’ll get into that another time.

Warning this review will contain spoilers for Forever Evil #1 so you have been warned.

The one thing I usually like about DC Comics is how they can tell a great story for their universe wide events, and with Geoff Johns at the helm of Forever Evil I can admit that some fanboyism might have come out when I picked up Forever Evil #1. After the miniseries Trinity War was over I wasn’t to enthused with what they were going to do next as it felt like a very unorganized and awkwardly paced story but it served it’s purpose in building up what will now be the big DC crossover event running from now until March of next year.

While it’s interesting and refreshing to have a series start up that not only spans all of the DC Universe but is focusing heavily on the villains I was a bit confused after reading the first issue of Forever Evil as it left some plot holes that have already started to create questions in my mind, in Forever Evil the Crime Syndicate from Earth-Three has made it’s way to Earth Prime (which is the canon Earth for all the superhero storylines) thanks to Alfred Pennyworth who is the leader behind the Secret Society who created the Crime Syndicate which for all intensive purposes is the anti-Justice League which feature the Earth-Three versions of their Justice League selves: Ultraman, Superwoman, Night Owl, Power Ring, Johnny Quick, and Firestorm. And my issue is that in the last issue released for the Justice League the Crime Syndicate was introduced into Earth Prime but Superman, Batman and the rest of the Justice League were still alive and now with Forever Evil #1 they are all already dead. I’m hoping this is something that will be brought up and talked about in the upcoming issue of the Justice League.


The Crime Syndicate announcing the destruction of the Justice League

The main plot points started in the first issue of Forever Evil are that The Crime Syndicate has released all the villains from Arkham Asylum, Belle Reve, and Iron Heights Penitentiary and gathering all the villains to start recruiting them into their group. The next plot point is that Lex Luthor is now a free main and cleared of all his criminal charges and witnesses everything and questions where Superman is, also he got a good amount of page time in this issue and I have a feeling that Lex will play a key role in all of this as it was already revealed that he would be forming his own version of the Justice League except with villains that are opposed to joining Ultraman and co. to take them down.

And while I did enjoy this issue a lot and I am excited to see where this story eventually goes and how it unfolds the issue itself seemed rushed and almost as if a few things were missing. I personally still can’t get over the gap in time from when the Crime Syndicate shows up to where this issue takes place and just what exactly happened to the Justice League. But, that aside the artwork is great as usual and there was a very nifty full panel fold out insert showing all the villains surrounding Ultraman and the other that appeared half way through the comic that I feel would make a great piece of art to have on a wall somewhere. With all that being said if you haven’t caught up with DC Comics lately now might be a good time to jump in as I’m sure in March once this story is done they will do another reboot style of sorts to bring all the comics back into their own separate storylines again.




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