Justice League #15 kicks off a nice crossover story arc between the Justice League series and Aquaman, which is good since DC has done a great job to not only renew interest in Aquaman but reinvent the super hero from his laughable series into a forerunner in the spotlight of DC and in the Justice League. Another big deal for this series is that Jim Lee steps down the artist role for Justice League and passes the torch to Ivan Reis, who was previously the lead artist for Aquaman, and while Geoff Johns continues his spot as writer it’s safe to say that this crossover is going to be great since he is also the writer for Aquaman so he is controlling every aspect of this story.

While Justice League #15 is the official kick off of the Throne of Atlantis story it really began in the prelude story that was Aquaman #14 and instead of starting in Aquaman #15 it starts in the Justice League #15 which is interesting since the story ultimately revolves around Aquaman. Justice League #15 starts off with the U.S.S. Mabus (a submarine) attacks Atlantis by launching missiles deep into the see, not by choice as someone has taken over control of the system and launched the attack.  Atlantis decides to retaliate by attempting to flood major cities, including Gotham City and Metropolis which were shown in the comic.

The main conflicts within this comic so far is the lingering tension still there between Batman and Aquaman, who in previous issues have been both gunning for the leadership role for the Justice League, which I still find interesting that it would be between both of them when most of us would assume that Superman would and always will be the leader of the group. But that is not the case in the new 52s as Superman is too busy wooing Wonder Woman in an awkward romantic relationship and teaching her how he deals with his dual identity and how to comfortably living his day to day life as Clark Kent.

While the issue set the tone perfectly for an impending war between Atlantis and anyone who lives on land, it will be interesting to see how this plays out and if it will affect Aquaman’s status in the Justice League. So be sure to see what happens next in Aquaman #15 as well as our review which will be up soon.



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