Saga is not for kids. There is graphic violence, some sexual content and nudity. But if you aren’t a kid, this is one of the best stories out there. Author Brian K. Vaughn and artist Fiona Staples create an enthralling, deep and mature science fiction universe with surprises around every corner. Character interactions (especially between main characters Marko and Alana) are believable and endear you to them quickly. This is a story that will stay with you for a long time.

The narrative begins explaining some history between the planet, Landfall and its winged citizens, and its moon, Wreath with its horned citizens. To put it in a nutshell, they have been at war for as long as anyone can remember. However, Wreath citizen Marko and Landfall citizen Alana have fallen in love and we meet them mid birthing of their child. This is taboo from a societal perspective on both sides. Shortly after (minutes actually) their child is born, they are attacked by the Landfall army led by Baron Robot XXIII who has a television for a head. In case this hasn’t clicked yet, the setting and universe are odd yet you want to know every little detail because of the characters involved.

The dynamic between Marko and Alana is the believable and a pair you'll be rooting for.

The dynamic between Marko and Alana is believable and is a pair you’ll be rooting for.

The relationship between Marko and Alana is very fun to watch not only initially but as time goes on. Alana is beautiful with a crude personality, a dirty mouth and a short temper. Marko on the other hand is very reserved yet cares deeply about Alana and their daughter. Other characters such as bounty hunters, The Will and The Stalk show up and have deep backstories of their own. The main crux of the story is that Marko, Alana and their daughter, Hazel (who is also the narrator) want to live in piece but are constantly pursued by Landfall forces to annihilate their atrocious relationship. Vaughn writes dialogue so convincingly that these seem like everyday conversations that you could have with your friends. Not one line is stilted or feels off.

It would also be a crime to not talk about Staple’s gorgeous artwork. While Vaughn fills the world with believable characters, Staple creates the complicated, odd, and at times disturbing universe in which they exist. The facial expressions displayed when something terrible happens or when there is pure jubilation are detailed and realistic enough to where you could get a pretty good idea of what is going on without the dialogue. Let’s just say this has made me want to search for other works that Staple has worked on.

For $9.99 you get the first six issues which is a bargain considering the quality contained within. Marko and Alana’s adventure is one that will draw you in with its well-realized universe and never let go. If you like comics (or even if you don’t) and want a fantastic story with brilliantly written characters, buy this now.



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