The Walking Dead #105 hit comic book shelves today and is proof that Robert Kirkman is still able to deliver readers new and shocking things we have not seen in the previous 104 issues. While I feel this comic book should be called The Walking Dead 105: Negan’s House of Infinite Excitement (it’s a mouthful but an accurate title), instead of the usual story we’ve been reading about Rick and his band of survivors just well surviving we get a look into Negan’s compound and a glimpse at how others have chosen to survive and live day to day instead.

I’ll try and be as spoiler free as possible as The Walking Dead is one of the few comic book series that I get the day they come out and avoid most social media sites as I do not want anything to be ruined for me with people talking about the issue. So with that being said The Walking Dead #105 brings you one step closer into the mind of Negan and just how sick and twisted he really is, all while acting like a sympathetic leader. As you read from page to page you get more and more of an insight into how the compound is run, from people doing jobs for points that they can in turn use to get supplies and food to even how Negan conducts himself in a more personal and intimate manner.

This issue isn’t just about Negan too, for those of you who have been keeping up with the series at the end of issue #104 Carl decided to hide on Negan’s truck that brought him back to the compound and proceeded to kill five to six of Negan’s men with a machine gun. The whole time as you are reading you can’t help but feel sorry for Carl but also that he is still kind of a badass as he is at Negan’s side the whole time as the impromptu tour is given. The unsettling feelings you get throughout this issue are there and strong, not knowing what will happen next to Carl, finding out all the inner workings of Negan’s compound and also a few things that happen (I’ll remain spoiler free) that will also help you realize just why Dwight’s face is burnt and messed up on one side, or at least what caused it, the reasons why are still up in the air.

If you haven’t checked out The Walking Dead #105 go do that now, it’s a great story and is leading up to something very big, especially with the teaser for the cover of January’s issue #106.



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