Bunny The Zombie Slayer is the first iOS game from the people at Hothead Games, you may remember their console titles DeathSpank and the Penny Arcade series of games as well. The game is about well you playing as the Easter Bunny and protecting children as wave after wave of zombies try and make their way towards your safety area (which is a row of flowers with you and the children behind it).

Zombie games (and game modes) have drastically over saturated the market in the past couple years, from big game titles like Call of Duty implementing “Zombies” as a game mode to the iOS now turned multi-platform Plants vs Zombies. What really sets this game apart from all the rest of the zombie games out there is the feel of the game, unlike the serious and at times creepy aspects of other games Bunny The Zombie Slayer is more light-hearted and humorous. Honestly, you can’t take a bunny throwing east eggs at zombies seriously at all.

Bunny The Zombie Slayer features one game mode, which can best be described as “horde” mode that most games have, where you are just fighting waves of zombies, and with each wave you clear the amount and type of zombies increase. Another thing that I noticed is that although you are in one area and the level never changes per-say the time frame in which the waves happen change over time, starting in the daytime and ultimately leading into a nighttime atmosphere. The simplicity of the graphics and gameplay make the game alot of fun, it’s not over complicated with awkward controls, it’s simply aim and tap to shoot.

The gameplay although very basic and lacking different modes as I stated before is what sets it apart from other iOS games out there right now, how it works is you drag the aiming circle to where you want the path of the eggs to fly then tap. Aiming can be tough at times when there are multiple zombies on the screen near eachother but that’s when your “special eggs” come into play. You can earn a special egg by getting three headshot kills in a row, and what makes the special egg so great is that when you use it (it’s an icon in the lower left corner that you tap) Bunny will then throw flaming eggs and instantly kill every zombie that is on the screen. I suggest saving those for when you get into the waves above 15 as the zombies really start to get faster and in larger numbers.

Speaking of zombies, Bunny The Zombie Slayer features a good amount of unique zombies and here is the list of just what you can expect from the undead attacking you: zombie chef, cheerleader, hockey player, nurse, business man, and basic male and female zombies as well.

Killing the zombies can be easily done with hitting them in the head with one egg, but what happens if you miss? Well for starters if you hit a zombie int he lower torso area (depending on which zombie) they will lose their legs and slowly start to crawl towards you, or if you hit them in the upper torso they may lose their arms, which doesn’t cause them to slow down. So if you are unsure about getting the headshot I suggest aiming for the legs.

All-in-all Bunny The Zombie Slayer is a fun pick up and play game, and for the price of only $.99 it is a steal. I strongly recomend getting this game as I’ve been putting in a good amount of time into it when I get a few minutes here and there of free time. I look forward to seeing what future iOS games Hothead Games will release as I am sure this is only the first of many titles they will release.

Be sure to check back here on the site as we will be interviewing the guys over at Hothead Games about Bunny The Zombie Slayer and possibly get some info on their future iOS games.

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