Considered one of the highest rated sports game franchise for the past three to four years MLB 12 The Show is this years latest installment in the series. The games realistic gameplay and incredible details from how the stadiums look down to the players stats and how they appear has gotten even better this time around and one of the best features is that the game is cross compatible with its Playstation 3 counterpart. From the standpoint of playing this game on the Vita compared to the PS3 not much is different except for the graphics aren’t as great. That’s not to say this game still doesn’t look beautiful on the PS Vita because it does. Also missing is Rivals Mode and Diamond Dynasty Mode, but all the main features in the game are showcased on the PS Vita.

Franchise mode features all the details as the console version does.

The main modes in MLB 12 The Show for the PS Vita are: Road to The Show, Franchise and Season Modes as well as the always enjoyable Home-run Derby. Road to The Show is basically the gameplay mode where you create your own player, complete with visual customization as well as position to play and you work your way up from the farm league to the majors and ultimately if you are good enough The Hall of Fame. This is a great pick up and play mode as the games last anywhere from ten minutes to maybe fifteen minutes at the max as you only play when it is your turn at bat or to pitch and the rest of the game is simulated until those times. Seasons and Franchise modes are another great thing on the PS Vita as with the Playstation Cloud saving is featured in this game you can save at any point on either game (PS3 or PS Vita) and pick up right where you saved on the other platform. One thing should be noted though, regardless of Sony’s commercials for this feature you cannot switch from PS3 to Vita or vice versa mid-game, it is strictly for when you are in menus before or after a game.

The fact that the PS Vita features two analog sticks makes the controls for batting and pitching even easier over the previous portable titles as now you can have better aiming with swings and pitches. Also, with the touch feature of the Vita you can use the touch screen to pick your pitch locations as well as for guessing zone locations when it is your turn at bat. Aside from the Vita not having the second triggers on it the game feels like you are playing a full console version of the game, which is refreshing since most portable sports games lack a lot of the true content and meat and potatoes their console versions offer.

The details on the Vita look great in-game.

Although there is a large scale of content to be offered for single-player modes in MLB 12 The Show, another feature is the online multiplayer. I found that this is where the game lost it’s focus and ultimately points as the online was, to nicely put it, less then desirable. With long loading times, as well as some lag and frame-rate issues when playing against an opponent the online should be avoided all together. When playing a sports game, especially baseball where timing is everything and a millisecond off can be the difference of a home run or a strike lag when playing against someone is unacceptable, I for one can personally say it has cost me some points on the board as well as a game or two. It’s a good thing with all the single player modes in the game that this game doesn’t rely heavily on it’s online play or the game would be in trouble.

MLB 12 The Show is still a great sports game on the PS Vita, all the online issues aside it does offer a sleuth of single player modes and quick gameplay to go along with those modes that make it great to play on the go as well as when your home and have time to sit down and play a full game. But, this is one of those games that goes better as a package deal with the Playstation 3 version as playing a baseball game does take a lot of time as well as patience to get the timing down right.





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