Another year, another Madden am I right? By now everyone who is even passively interested in Madden knows what to expect from a game bearing the Hall of Fame coach’s name. This year, however, brings something new to the series, or perhaps it is better to say that this year the game has some improved hardware to take advantage of. Madden 25 managed to hit the respective launch of both the Xbox one and PS4 and , surprisingly enough, offers a very different experience than its current generation cousins. This isn’t going to be a full breakdown of each and every feature of this latest entry. Instead we’ll be looking at what next-gen does and does not get right.

First, and very important to note, Madden 25 hardly takes advantage of the new graphical capabilities of these new platforms. More often than not you’ll think you’re playing the game on a PS3 or 360 rather than your shiny new console you just shelled out $399 or more for. Animations are noticeably better and some of the mechanics, the most apparent being blocking, are much improved over the previous generation versions of the game. Defenses are better at coverage and converging on the ball, but are also easier to read. These improvements make Madden a much better simulation of the actual sport, as much as a video game can.

Then we get to wide receivers and their uncanny ability to drop passes. This isn’t an unfounded gripe either, I have personally heard several complaints about the general inability to hold onto any pass after any sort of contact. There are more dropped passes in a single game of Madden 25 than the NFL has in an average week. And then, oh ho ho, and then there is the wide open drops where you can see the receiver look away from the ball, watch him intentionally not catch the pass, just to have the commentary rub salt into the fresh wound caused by the worst drop you’ve seen…since the last one. It’s clear they did this just so Phil Simms could berate the players as much as he does you. I get it, not every play is perfect, but when Simms starts going in on you for the 5th time about throwing against Cover 2, despite the fact that the ball hit the wide receiver in the hands, it’s hard not to throw your hands in the air and say, “I’m not an NFL Quarterback Phil, I’m just here to play the damn game!” By the way, throw out to the flats or deep down the middle against Cover 2.

It is worth noting that no features were cut during this next-gen transition, a huge improvement over the last jump to a new generation. Even still, Madden 25 on the PS4 and Xbox One is not a complete next-gen title. Yes there are improved animations and some better A.I., but The game offers very little that you can’t already enjoy on the PS3 and 360, both of which have a larger player base. Hopefully next year Madden can release a real next-gen Madden. For now, if you already own it for your previous-gen console then that is all the Madden you should need.




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