Last year we saw the first game in the newly owned WWE franchise from 2K Games, and it was a pleasant surprise since WWE 2K14 saw a very expanded roster and included many of the top “legends” of the business as well. Now here we are a year later with WWE 2K15 which is the first cross-gen game for this franchise, this quickie review is based on the last-gen version of the game released on the PlayStation 3.

As you can see the graphics haven't changed at all.

As you can see the graphics haven’t changed at all.

Having played just about every wrestling game (whether it be WWE/F or WCW) it’s tough to see a game franchise take not only a step back but a giant leap backwards in the wrong direction. 2K  had advertised a lot of improvements for WWE 2K15 and it seems that they are all exclusive to the next-gen consoles as things like updated facial scans for the entire roster were not present and you could tell that the character models from 2K14 were just recycled this year and given updated attires.

I’d hate to have this review seem like it’s all negative issues with the game but regretably it is not that great of a game, dare I say one of the worse WWE titles to come out in the last decade. One thing that has always plagued the wrestling game genre is Collision detection and it is more apparent than anything this year, it’s tough to play a game when you are not only uninterested by the graphics but to have the game not play properly and feel broken is disheartening.


The last-gen versions of WWE 2K15 has it’s own exclusive game mode called Who Got NXT which let’s players take the role of five NXT Superstars and face off in four matches which ultimately will unlock that wrestler for you to use in regular game modes. And while Who Got NXT is a fun mode you’ll soon realize that those 20 matches go by pretty quick and then that’s it. I should also note that Who Got NXT is only in the PS3/Xbox 360 because the MyCareer mode that 2K is known to include in all their sports games is a next-gen only exclusive more.

For WWE 2K15 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 you can expect to get a bare-bones wrestling game that not only lacks an expanded roster (which I’ll get into detail on for our PlayStation 4 review) but also seems clunky and a cop out on 2K’s part to just get gamers who don’t own a Xbox One or PS4 to still have an updated WWE game to play. As a fan of the franchise this game is a tragedy and should be avoided if possible.



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