While the PC version of Blues and Bullets had quite a time gap between the release of Episode 1 and 2, PlayStation 4 owners were treated to both episodes being released on the same day. While ‘The End of Peace’ really set the tone and atmosphere for players Episode 2: Shaking the Hive does just what it’s name says and gives you more action and a few twists.

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Let’s face it, if you played episode 1 of Blues and Bullets then you are already familiar it’s gameplay style, and if you haven’t played it and you are reading this review then I’ll give you the quick breakdown of what you can expect when playing the game. Blues and Bullets is your usual point-and-click adventure story driven game, you’ll spend a fair amount of time exploring various areas and discovering clues that will either further the main story or wrap up a case that you are trying to solve on the side. The difference this time around with ‘Shaking the Hive’ is that there is a lot more combat than the previous episode, and while the combat could still use some more tweaking and improvements I noticed that this time around the hit detection wasn’t as bad.

Story and Modes:

Episode 2: Shaking the Hive picks up where ‘End of Peace’ left off, you continue your journey as Eliot Ness who against his better judgement (also based on any decisions you have made thus far) is in a temporary truce with Al Capone and helping him out with a personal matter. Since the characters were established already in ‘End of Peace’ we are given more time to see the characters grow and get more personal as the story progresses. I will say that after finishing ‘Shaking the Hive’ I felt the story was paced great and even though there was a cliff hanger, the game is building up to a really strong middle and end of the story. But, with the awkward timeline for their episodes releases from A Crowd of Monsters who knows when that might be.



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