Picking up where Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 left off, Idea Factor is back and taking the PlayStation 3’s Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 and bringing it over to the the PS Vita (and PlayStation TV) with a new coat of paint, new features, and characters as well as more story elements that weren’t previously there with Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2: Sister Generation.



This game is very dialog heavy so you will spend a lot of time on the conversation screens, and while this can seem like it’ll drag on the story and characters are entertaining enough to keep you amused. .The game is a turn based rpg in a more traditional sense that you and enemies will take turns attacking each other, also you can move around the battlefield in an almost strategy-rpg style just on a smaller scale. While the game can get frustrating later on with a huge spike in difficulty with boss fights it is balanced most of the time thanks to the CPUs being able to transform which increases their stats tenfold.


Welcome back to Gamindustri, a fictional world that is one big satire on the game industry the story focuses on Nepgear, the CPU Candidate for Planeptune and the younger sister to Neptune, the main character of the first game. You are trying to defend all of Gamindustri from the ASIC corporation, who are trying to spread game piracy around the world via their CFW, as well as you are trying to rescue and free the various nations’ CPUs who were captured at the end of the previous game.


While the game is a RPG at times it seems more like an in-depth visual novel based on an anime, now that’s not a complaint because the game is very polished and crisp visually especially going from a console to a handheld like the Vita. While the dungeons themselves can at time seem unimaginative it more than makes up for itself when it comes to how the enemies look while they are patrolling the areas. Since there is an abundance of dialog in this game it was nice to know that the cast of voice actors used in this game made it less painful when it comes to going through a conversation that lasts up to if not more than ten minutes.



Hyperdimension Neptunia as a franchise is really unique and original because very few games poke fun of the gaming industry and this game is one big satire with it’s own universe of characters that are charming and makes it difficult to not fall in love with the game. Another thing is that it’s staying true to a sub-genre within RPGs that has slowly been phased out, with most games going the action adventure route. I’m hard pressed to say that when it comes to games on the market right now, being a port aside the game’s originality can really be appreciated.

The Big Question:

The big question for me when I was about to start playing this was whether or not the game would hold my interest again after finished the PlayStation 3 version multiple times to see the five plus various endings that the game had, and to answer that question: yes the game did hold my interest, with the new story elements and new characters that not only were included to be playable but that they each had their own unique personalities and back stories the game felt refreshing and upon finishing this review I actually finished the game three times to see the different endings and plan on seeing the others as well.


With the PlayStation Vita slowly building a library and not having many go to games to play Hyperdimension Re;Birth 2: Sister Generation is worth every penny, the fact that for $39 you get a full $60 console port that’s been reworked from the PlayStation 3 with bonus content on your handheld should be appealing enough. When you look at all the other things you can do in the game besides the main story, from being able to create your own discs that you can equip to boost your stats to unlocking the Colosseum in Chapter 5 that allows you to take your team against powerful enemies to earn experience and unique items and weapons is fun and always a nice break from the regular dungeon crawling and level grinding.

If you’re a fan of JRPGs this is a game that should be in your gaming collection, there’s no question about it.




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