It seems that 2016 is no different than 2015 for TellTale Games as they are busy at work with a handful of episodic games coming out. With Minecraft: Story Mode finished (and the bonus 3 episode DLC announce) we now have another The Walking Dead game from them. This time around we ditch the original characters from the previous games and get a 3-part story that follow Michonne from the comics when she leaves the group. 



Just like all of TellTale’s episodic games we have their usual point-and-click styled gameplay with a whole sleuth of fast paced quicktime events (QTEs). Over time I usually get annoyed with so many QTEs except with this game they help continue the story, after finishing the episode I felt that they rarely felt out of place. Besides the good amount of bloody and gory QTEs the game kept to it’s simplistic gameplay of just walking and exploring on objects in the environment. It gets difficult talking about the gameplay when other than putting a new shine on what the buttons and motions you must make look like there really isn’t anything new to the styling of TellTale’s gameplay mechanics. In which case to that I say ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

Story and Modes:

Having a mini-series focusing on Michonne was a great idea and I’m glad TellTale went this route, she’s not only one of the most popular characters in The Walking Dead universe but she also has the most backstory that technically hasn’t been fully told. I will say this though, if you haven’t read the comic books you might not understand 100% of what is going on with her, the first episode though does a great job of really showing the players the struggle Michonne is going through without actually giving away every detail and leading up to finally finding out what happened to her children.

Another thing that is apparent and I think shows not only great story telling but character development and drive is seeing on screen as you are playing the PTSD that Michonne has after everything she’s been through since the outbreak first started.  The one downside so far for me is by the end of the first episode the supporting characters are not really given anything to make them seem like they are important or dare I say should be saved if you are given the option. Michonne is such a known character to fans of The Walking Dead that it doesn’t hurt the game or her character at all if they put some of the focus on other characters.

I’ll be going over specific story parts and plot holes in the complete series review after episode 3 is released so check back here at Those Gaming Nerds.



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