And we’re back again with the second episode for TellTale’s The Walking Dead Michonne miniseries, with only one episode left it’s time to see how all the secondary characters pan out and develop alongside out katana wielding beloved main star Michonne. With concerns of three episodes not being enough to tell a great story compared to a five episode game I think TellTale is doing a great job so far, but let’s see how Episode 2: Give No Shelter does for the story. And if you haven’t already go check out my review of episode 1 here.

**I’ll be going over specific story parts and plot holes in the complete series review after episode 3 is released.**



Episode 2: Give No Shelter had a more sense of urgency both in the story and how it reflected into the gameplay this time around, the QTEs were faster this time around and it reflected how the story was paced at the time, which was nice and really helped the game overall. We even got some stealth gameplay sneaking up on unsuspecting enemies which helped as a gameplay buffer for the game to let everything that has happened up to that point sink in and then build back up to another gore filled violent ending.

Story and Modes:

It seems like the trend so far with the first two episodes has been to introduce new characters, then you get to know them for a few minutes of dialog then poof, nothing more from them. This could be either from death or they just honestly don’t matter but are there to make the game feel like there are more characters involved then there really needs to be. And while episode 2 had the better story and more violence then the first episode it’s really hard to get into it when you technically know what happens after episode 3 because it’s in the same universe as the comics, I will say this though with the build up by the end of ‘Give No Shelter’ I am excited for the final showdown in the final episode of this mini-series.

I’ll be going over specific story parts and plot holes in the complete series review after episode 3 is released so check back here at Those Gaming Nerds.



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