After what seems like a long time since we concluded Lee’s story in season one of TellTale Games’ hit episodic game for The Walking Dead and after 400 Days was released this summer to give us a quick taste of things to come and now here we are with Episode One of Season Two finally available. Properly titled All That Remains, episode one gives us a look at how things have been eighteen months after the end of Season One. Also be warned this review will contain spoilers for the first season of The Walking Dead but won’t contain any story spoilers for Episode One of Season Two other than a story overview without any major plot elements.

‘All That Remains’ takes place an unspecified amount of months after the conclusion of Season One, and this time around you see yourself playing as Clementine since Lee had died at the end of Season One, if you did not know this I must insist that I warned you that there will be spoilers for the first season of The Walking Dead. You can tell just from the way Clementine presents herself and her dialog choices that the events at Savannah have definitely had an affect on her, and that she isn’t the shy and withdrawn person she was throughout season one. Which is one of the main things that I enjoy about this game series is that there is an apparent character development and evolution to everyone’s personalities that you get to see unfold in front of your eyes as you go from episode to episode and make those tough decisions that you might regret later on when you see them play out.


The thing that I feel bothered me the most about ‘All That Remains’ and it’s something that I think might start to be a pattern throughout Season Two as well is the relationships. In season one the group mentality with Lee and everyone else he traveled with was something that helped bring a more attachment to playing as Lee as well as making choices in the game almost horrible to make, then there is the relationship between Lee and Clementine, which itself was more than enough reason to play the game as watching that dynamic grow through the five episodes that made up Season One for me was the main draw to playing that game (because it sure wasn’t the controls when it came to shooting). Season Two seems to be shying away from that group of survivors theme and more of a ‘you can’t trust anyone’ feel to it, especially when playing as Clementine who given her past has more than enough reasons to decide to not stick with any specific group of people.

There were some gameplay tweaks made for Season Two, which is definitely a good thing seeing as it makes some of the action sequences flow smoother and it’s nice to see that TellTale is always working on improving the game and not just sticking to the same things. Speaking of changes and tweaks from the first season; I noticed there hasn’t really been any influential moments where it’s clear that some of the major choices you made in the first season have any affect in season two. Now I know I am more than likely jumping the gun because this is only the first episode of what I am guessing to be a five part episodic second season for the franchise but it would have been nice to know that playing through Season One and 400 Days would have at least had a little bit of a metaphoric tip of the hat in the start of this new season. But, like I said there are more episodes to be released and I’m sure that those past choices will come to light soon enough, especially after the ‘Next Time on…’ teaser that plays once you finish the episode.

*Spoiler Alert* There's a dog.

*Spoiler Alert* There’s a dog.

So The Walking Dead Season Two is back with Episode One: ‘All That Remains’ and while I am a huge fan of the first season I felt that this game was short in length, and while I know it technically wasn’t I just think the pacing of the episode was off and it felt slow in some points and when you finally got to a good part it was over in almost an instant. But, other than that this was a nice start to the next Season of The Walking Dead from TellTale games, and while I don’t think it ‘All That Remains’ properly continued the moment that the end of Season One had it’s definitely a decent start and I’m sure Episode Two will hopefully bring the necessary shift of story pacing that is needed to bring the sense of urgency and excitement that I think is needed in a episodic game like this.




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