A Crooked Mile makes a very strong first impression. Picking up exactly where episode 2 ends, Bigby has to warn Snow about what Crane has been doing in the hotel. This creates its own problems when Holly is none too pleased to see him at her sister’s funeral. To make matters worse, the Tweedle brothers show up to “convince” Bigby to leave Crane alone, for his own safety of course. A fight breaks out leaving Bigby, Holly, and Grendel wounded, and leaving the player with more questions than ever. Wow.

Yeah, that was pretty much my feeling when shit started to get real.

Yeah, that was pretty much my feeling when shit started to get real.

Questions are the theme of the episode, specifically that this episode focuses on bringing forth a frenzy of new questions while leaving many from the previous two episodes still unanswered. While Bigby and Snow ultimately get to the bottom of the whole Ichabod Crane issue, the whole episode just keeps you on the edge of your seat with no satisfying conclusion. At little over an hour, the rapid pace is gripping for sure, but when the credits roll there is no real satisfaction or feeling of progress. A Crooked Mile seems to be nothing more than a setup for episode 4, ignoring most of the existing plotlines in favor of something much more grand. Sure, that isn’t entirely a bad thing, but it makes this individual episode feel weak when compared to the first two.

Despite this, episode 3 is worth playing. Though the payoff is lacking, the actual adventure is quite enjoyable. You’ll be able to get more information on the Tweedle brothers and a bit more insight into the minds of both Crane and Bluebeard. Not to mention the fact that the final ten or so minutes, which I will not spoil here, set up what could be a truly monumental shift in the story. Again, keep in mind that by the end of the episode most questions will still go unanswered, but the new questions are certainly worth pondering. There are even a few decisions that will certainly come back to bite you in the ass, because The Wolf Among Us is just that kind of game.

CRANE DEMANDS ANSWERS, but first he has to answer ours...

CRANE DEMANDS ANSWERS, but first he has to answer ours…

A Crooked Mile will, if things continue in the direction they are going, be the low point of an otherwise immensely satisfying adventure. Episode 4 is looking to be and absolutely monumental entry, and episode 3 does a good job of setting it up. It is just unfortunate that this setup comes at the cost of many of the existing plotlines, leaving too much room for them to be lost and forgotten in. Hopefully, things can only get better from here.




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