The Devil is a Part-Timer or Hataraku Maou-sama is a slice of life comedy anime from White Fox. While the show takes some missteps along the way, this is still a good series that that fans of comedy and lovable characters should check out.

The story begins with a battle between humans and demons on Ente Isla where the Devil’s castle resides in an alternate dimension. After conceding what looked like a losing battle, the Devil and his right hand man, Alciel, escape through a portal to an unknown land…which turns out to be our Japan. Confused as to the foreign land around them, they quickly realize that their access to magic has been cut off including their demonic appearances changing to normal human features. After discovering that in order to gain any semblance of power in this world money would be necessary to survive, the Devil and his partner obtain identities and an apartment to plan their next move. The Devil decides to get a job while tasking Alciel with researching possible magical areas in the world where they could replenish their powers.

Sadao (with the black hair) and Aleil are constantly broke which is a recurring joke throughout the series.

Sadao (with the black hair) and Alciel are constantly broke which is a recurring joke throughout the series.

Before I move on to the rest of the character in the show, there is one part that I found especially hilarious. The Devil (who changes his name to Sadao Maō) works part-time at the nearby MgRonalds across the street from Sentucky Fried Chicken and not too far away from Moonbucks. I might have found this much funnier than it had any right to be, but it is worth mentioning.

Throughout the entirety of the 13 episode series, there are six main characters. The first two, as mentioned earlier, are Sadao and Alciel who have an entertaining one-sided relationship resulting in Alciel groveling for his master’s acceptance while Sadao himself treats the relationship as more of an equal one. Shortly after they arrive in Japan, Emilia the Hero who had been on the brink of defeating the Devil a few days earlier, followed him through the portal and is now on the hunt to destroy him.

The bromance is real. Lucifer prefers to not be a part of it.

The bromance is real.

I consider those to be the primary three characters, but the remaining three are not unimportant by any stretch. Sadao’s co-worker, Chiho Sasaki, is bubbly and innocent while being the (again one-sided) love interest for him as well. The remaining two are Lucifer, one of the Devil’s generals, and Suzuno, Alciel and Sadao’s next door neighbor.

While Chiho is fine and has some funny moments, Suzuno and Lucifer feel largely unnecessary. This is especially true for Suzuno who seems to have an almost identical character arc to Emilia begging the question, why is she here? However, even with that in mind, the character interactions between Sadao, Alciel, Emilia, Chiho and even Lucifer have this amazing chemistry that doesn’t get old. My last point about the characters . . . well I have one of the oddest statements to say: the Devil is one of the most likable characters I have seen in an anime. Beyond that I’m not going to say anything else about it because I’m curious to see if others agree.

The animation of these characters was solid. I don’t have much to say of anything to say about it which, I feel like, is a good thing. That means that there was nothing bad that stuck out and it served the story well.

The fact that the King of Demons works at a MgRonald's still brings a smile to my face.

The fact that the King of Demons works at a MgRonald’s still brings a smile to my face.

The audio is very good across the board. The soundtrack fits within the specific scenes of which individual songs are played and the voice acting is great. Unfortunately the opening and closings didn’t do too much for me. However, I actually tried an experiment where I switched between the English dub and Japanese dub every episode and it went to show how close in tone they casted the English voice actors to match their Japanese counterparts. Across the board, with the exception of Suzuno, all of the voice actors were great for both languages. What was the most important aspect to get right was to make sure the characters sounded like they had good chemistry in which they succeeded.

Each episode is fairly episodic with the evolution of relationships obviously carrying through. My biggest complaint is that 13 episodes wasn’t enough for me. I really wanted to be able go hang out with these characters and watching their day to day life made clicking on the next episode button easy for me. The last few episodes focused way too much on Suzuno which was a big drawback and the series was too short, but the chemistry between the main cast was infectious and I found myself smiling more often than not. If there is a season two, I can’t wait to check it out if it ever comes around. The show is currently streaming through FUNimation’s website but only with their Elite Video Subscription Service.




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