This year Logitech launched a revamp to their entire gaming line-up. The new G-Series gaming gear, on the surface, might look like a simple refresh, but anyone who thinks that hasn’t used the gear yet. For example, the new G400S, the replacement for the G400. At first glance, the mouse looks to be a G400 with a shiny (and attractive) new coat of paint. The differences are very much less cosmetic and much more at the heart of its design.

Logitech was confident enough in the design and ergonomics of its previous lineup that they felt no need to change the actual shaping of the mouse, bold but understandable. The mouse feels excellent in your hand and is comfortable through all day gaming sessions. New to the 400S is the “Advanced Surface Materials”, a very marketable way to say that Logitech changed what the mouse is made of. A hydrophobic coating is added to the palm area of the mouse to help prevent sweating and stickiness, fingerprint resistant coating on the buttons for when greasy food is the only option, and soft grip material on the sides for added comfort. For all the jargon, these advanced materials actually do the job they say they are doing. It probably isn’t as perfect in action as Logitech imagined, but your palm won’t stick and fingerprints that do stay on the mouse come off easily.

The mouse look almost as good as it feels.

The mouse look almost as good as it feels.

Another, slightly less noticeable upgrade is in the clicking mechanism. The new mechanical microswitches are rated to a whopping 20 million clicks, which I am told (by Logitech of course) is far beyond anything anyone else’s switches are rated for. Plus the low-friction polytetrafluoroethylene, which is probably science for super smooth, is rated for about 250 km(or about 155 miles for us here in the States) of travel. Basically Logitech it trying to make it clear that their mice are built to last and are built from premium materials. A point they will get across after just a few minutes of use.

Under the hood is the “Delta Zero Sensor Technology”, and clear signs that Logitech isn’t done with this crazy naming scheme of theirs. Again though, name it whatever you want when it works this well. The 400S swaps out the 3600 dpi sensor from the 400 for a 4000 dpi sensor, offering an even wider range of dpi options. The mouse is responsive and never misses a beat, proving effective for precision sniping one minute, and for making you an armchair general the next. The dpi setting is easily changed on the fly by pressing buttons above and below the scroll wheel, increasing and decreasing the dpi setting respectively. Just below the decrease button is a reset that will change the setting back to default, (800 out of the box) which can also be set by the user.

The software, unlike some other out there, isn’t bad. A relatively clean user interface allows you to to assign commands to any of the 8 programmable buttons and lets you change your dpi settings. You can add new dpi levels or even set different levels for the X and Y axis. There is even an option to set up individual profiles for each of your favorite games. By simply attaching the .exe to the profile it will automatically change when the program sees the game load up. That means no more adjusting each time you change games or having to Alt-Tab when you forget to switch. Though it probably isn’t the most robust software, it had more than enough on hand to provide the best experience with your mouse and should prove easy to learn for the less technologically inclined among us.

The software is simple but effective.

The software is simple but effective.

The only real gripes against the mouse comes from the dpi and side buttons. It is sometimes too easy to press the dpi down button while using the scroll wheel which, as any gamer knows, can be detrimental in gameplay.  The side buttons, while not inherently bad, lack a certain punctuation when pressed. They aren’t quite squishy, but they don’t always give the satisfying click you are looking for. It is also a bit disappointing that the scroll wheel doesn’t offer side scrolling.

The revamped Logitech G400S an absolutely stunning mouse, despite its similar styling to its predecessor. There is a lot of smart upgrades packed into a proven design fitting for just about any gamer. Take into account the $59.99 price point and you have a top-tier peripheral at a mid tier price. Logitech is back in a big way to remind everyone that they are just as big a player in gaming as the other top manufacturers, if not bigger. Needless to say, the G400S is a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking for an excellent mouse that they can use for years to come. Even if you have the previous version, this is well worth the upgrade.




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