Today we are taking yet another step forward at ThoseGamingNerds as we begin to review some of the tech necessary for our lifestyle. We’ll likely be reviewing everything from controllers to headsets, to keyboards and mice, perhaps even some smartphones and tablets. As always we appreciate your feedback to let us know if you enjoy these reviews and we encourage you to give us tech you want us to review. Today we’ll be talking about the Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset.

Let’s start with saying that this headset is very comfortable. Though it looks like it would be on the heavy side, the G930 is relatively light weight and features memory foam padding around the ears and on the headband for added comfort. This headset is just as comfortable five hours in as it is when you first put it on. The build quality is also top notch as the G930 feels durable despite its mostly plastic build. The height adjustments are metal and feature numbered increments allowing you to easily extend the height by the same length on both sides. The volume control is conveniently placed on the left ear next to the mute button. The roller is sizable and easy to move without feeling loose. You can easily crank it up or turn it down quickly and then make minor adjustments to get it just right.

From a sound quality perspective the G930 is fantastic. You’ll get those little details you miss with speakers and other, lower quality, headsets. The 7.1 surround sound mode works well and gives the all encompassing sound you look for in a headset of this caliber. Your sound settings, including 7.1 surround, can even be tweaked in the provided software included by Logitech. The software is basic but will be useful for more basic users. The microphone provides clear audio, as good if not better than a few more expensive headsets. You can mute the microphone using the dedicated mute button or simply push the mic itself into the up most position. One weird thing to keep in mind is if you say, join a Skype call while the mic is muted in the up most position, the mic will no longer be muted.

The G930’s biggest advantage is also its greatest flaw, its wireless capability. The G930 is rated for use up to 40ft away and it does so with ease. To further sweeten the pot, the battery lasts up to 10. While we may not have seen 10 hours exactly, the fact that this headset can easily last an entire day of gaming—anywhere from 8-9 hours during our use—is quite the accomplishment. If you do find your battery running low you can simply plug in the included micro USB cable and charge the headset as you use it. As far as wireless headsets go, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better model at a better value since you can pick this up for anywhere between $115-$159. The only cause for hesitation comes from sporadic disconnects during use. Though we have found owners who have not suffered from this problem, it is a very common issue, on we had with two different pairs. It is a problem that only seems to get worse, less than a week with a new pair the issue has increased beyond that of our first pair. The only other drawback to the G930 are the mostly useless programmable G-keys. Their functionality is limited out of the box and the provide no compelling reason to take the time to use them. If you are desperate for media control on yourheadset then enjoy, otherwise you’ll forget they are there.

The Logitech G930 does so many things well. The sound and microphone quality are top notch and comfort and battery life will keep you gaming into the wee hours of the morning, but sporadic disconnects and no fix other than exchanging the headset make this a tough recommendation. Some won’t be bothered by the occasional disconnect, but most will find this issue annoying and not worth putting up with, even if it means spending more for a wireless headset of the same quality. This is still a great headset at a great price, but one major flaw is all it takes to break the best tech.


Editors Note: For those looking for a similarly styled headset that is wired and, therefore, does not suffer from the sporadic disconnects, check out the Logitech G35. Though this unit has not been reviewed, it is the wired version of the G930 and provides a similar experience from a wired headset and is about $20-$30 cheaper.



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