The Razer Carcharias professional PC gaming headset has been out for quite some time now, but with it’s recent price drop I couldn’t say no to picking this headset up for under $50. While Razer may be best known for their other PC gaming peripherals such as mice and keyboards they have started to release more headsets in the past few years and the Carcharias are one of their best they have to offer for the price tag.

Razer made the Carcharias with not only sound quality in mind but also comfort, there isn’t one part on this headset that comes in contact with your head that isn’t padded, even the headband has a nice cushion of padding on it. With the way it’s design I found that I could wear the headset for hours on end while game and not once feel any discomfort which I haven’t been able to do with many headsets I’ve used in the past. While the sound quality is really good though the one issue I had was the lack of noise cancellation the Carcharias had to offer, I found at times while gaming any outside noises could be easily heard and would distract me from the game I was playing.

While the high points of the Carcharias headset is comfort and it’s price, the sound quality as I mentioned before is good but no great, and now I will dive into the chat functionality of the headset. The Carcharias’ mic is very sturdy and quit solid with a slight bendable area located in the center of it, while physically the mic is done very well the quality when talking to people isn’t so great. I’ve been told countless times that the mic picks up a lot of outside noises and in some cases a low pitched humming could be heard or a high pitched squeal every once and a while. This can be easily fixed by going into which ever program you are using to chat in and adjusting a few of the settings as the sensitivity of the mic is very high.

So with all that being said Razer’s Carcharias headset is worth the price if you don’t want to break the $75 limit wall on a new gaming headset, but if you are looking for a high end headset that you can use on multiple platforms this headset isn’t for you as it only works with PC and not consoles like other headsets can. Regardless though I am happy with the product and it makes a great standalone PC headset to use so I don’t have to keep unhooking and setting up headsets when I switch around between gaming platforms. So if all this has made you interested in the game I would say head over to your nearest Best Buy and pick up the Razer Carcharias before the price cut ends as $50 is a perfect price for the headset.



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