SteelSeries is, for good reason, one of the top peripheral manufacturers out there. Everything from their quality to their price is perfect for any gamer, be they pro, hardcore, or casual. The SteelSeries Siberia V2 embodies this ideal perfectly and is one of the best headsets money can buy. Beginning with the look, the Siberia V2 is a stylish headset with a surprising amount of functionality. The microphone is retractable into the left ear and can be hidden when not in use. Even from this point the microphone can easily pick up your voice, but it is more effective in its normal position. The top of the headset is flexible thanks to a split headband and can easily conform to any size head. Just below the headband is another headband attached to the frame with two braided wires. When you put on the headset this band moves to conform to the top of your head without applying pressure. Needless to say this makes for a very comfortable experience no matter how long you wear the headset, especially when combined with the padded closed headphones and the overall lightweight design.

The microphone itself does a great job picking up your voice clearly while keeping out most background noise. The actual quality of the microphone is great, but those on the other end of the conversation said that while the quality was good, it was not the best they had heard with the Logitech G930 still standing as their favorite. The fact still remains that this is a great microphone and will more than serve its purpose be it in game or on Skype or other VoIP services.

Sound quality is where the Siberia V2 really shines. Whether used for music, movies, or games, the V2 never misses a beat. Voices are clear, sound effects are heard in full force and bass kicks as needed to deliver the appropriate booming effect when necessary. Even the most subtle of background noises can be clearly heard. People come across clearly over VoIP services and the headset does well balancing audio between different sources so enjoy talking to friends on Skype while playing StarCraft II. Volume and mute control is located on the cord, which by itself is very lengthy. The length can be increased further with SteelSeries’ USB sound card (included with some Siberia V2 headsets but otherwise sold separately). The USB sound card also ups the audio quality further by providing 7.1 surround sound. By default the headset relies on separate 3.5mm mic and audio connections.

After looking over the laundry list of reasons to buy this headset, you’re probably thinking the V2 must be pricey. To the contrary, the Siberia V2 can be had in a variety of colors for under $100, with actual pricing depending on which color you choose. At the $100 and under price point there is no better headset and you’d be paying much more for a similar headset that provides the same level of comfort and quality with some other brands. If you’re in the market for a headset without breaking the bank, look no further than the SteelSeries Siberia V2.




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