Tritton could easily be one of the first names to come out of any gamer’s mouth when asked anything pertaining to gaming headsets and while the Tritton Kunai headset has been available for console gamers for a little bit now, finally there is a new version on the market that will allow gamers on either a PC or Mac enjoy the comfort and quality of the Tritton Kunai headset. The real added bonus to this headset is that it will also work on mobile devises such as tablets and phones as well,while checking out this product I tried it with various platforms including my laptop, my work desktop, an iPhone and lastly on a Kindle Fire HD.


The first thing I noticed about the Kunai headset is that it wasn’t connectable via USB but rather through a 3.5mm output jack that could also be connected to an in-line audio controller that acts as a volume controller for sound adjustments as well as the switch that controls whether or not you want to mute or un-mute the microphone on the headset. Also, I should note that the microphone is also easily detachable from the headset making the transition from using the Kunai as headphones to a headset quick and effortless.

My favorite thing about the Kunai headset would have to be the comfort of wearing it, unlike other headsets that are similar in size the Kunai is lightweight and won’t make you feel like a bobble head if you use it to listen to music while going for a walk or if you just wear it while hanging around at home, even after hours of continuous use while gaming I didn’t feel any real discomfort. The ear cups also twist outwards at about 90 degrees so that the headset can be laid flat on any surface and also be protected from damage when traveling with them, the best way I can explain it is that when I carried the headset to work I had it lay flat against my laptop in my back as to just throwing it in there and possibly damaging the ear cups.

Here you can see how the ear cups swivel as well as extending the size of the headset

Here you can see how the ear cups swivel as well as extending the size of the headset

So onto the sound quality, this is where it really matters with a headset and the Kunai does not disappoint. Even while playing games at the loudest setting for not only the volume control on the headset but on my computer, phone and tablet as well the sound quality was still very clear; and while at times trying to play a game and use the voice chat functionality made it difficult to hear what other gamers were saying at times depending on what was going on for in-game audio it still wasn’t something that bothered me as it could easily be fixed by adjusting the game volume or chat volume settings for the headset. The only time I had a real issue with audio quality though was when listening to music you have to be a bit weary about some of the equalizer settings as any song(s) with heavy bass may have a slight distortion to them that can slowly become an annoyance, but that rarely happened and when it did it was mainly because the volume was set once again to the highest it would allow.

When it comes to the Tritton Kunai headset for PC you get more than what you pay for as with the affordable price tag of only $59.99 as well as the option to get this headset in three different colors: Red, White, and Black you are not only getting a high quality gaming headset but also a headset that is more versatile than most of the others on the market especially if you like to game on the go, listen to music, etc because now you have one headset that can do all of those things for you instead of owning multiple units for each of those individually. I’m going to go ahead and recommend that you pick up the Tritton Kunai if you want a comfortable headset that can just about do it all, and won’t break the bank at the same time. Even after only using the headset for a few weeks now I haven’t touched my other headsets at all that I own and I don’t see myself doing that in the near future.


Here are the three available colors: Red, Black and White

If you want to grab a pair of the Tritton Kunai PC headsets then you can do so by going to the link here. Also, if you haven’t already you should take a look around the MadCatz Store as they have a lot of great gaming peripherals that are a must have for gamers. And as always for more of the latest video gaming news, reviews as well as tech news and review be sure to check back here at ThoseGamingNerds.



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