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MBL 12 The Show Box Art Vita

MLB 12 The Show Vita Review

Genre: ,

The Final Score 3 / 5 -
by Mark


Resistance is Futile, Insomniac is Done.

In a recent interview with VG247, Insomniac CEO Ted Price stated that, “We won’t be making any more Resistances”. This comes as sad news to fans of the series, the same fans who probably never picked up their copy of Res...
by Chris



E3 2012: More Information On Need For Speed: Most Wanted

During Electronic Art’s Press Conference they unveiled some new information for Need For Speed: Most Wanted, including it’s release date. Need For Speed: Most Wanted is developed by Criterion and will be a reboot of...
by Mark

COD Black Ops 2 Box Art

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review

Developer: ,

The Final Score 3.5 / 5 -
by Mark



Nintendo Discounts DSi And DSi XL By $40

Nintendo announced a price drop for their Nintendo DSi and DSi XL handhelds this Thursday that makes them even more affordable if you are still unsure about picking up Nintendo’s 3DS handheld. The discounted price wont ta...
by Mark


Bandfuse: Rock Legends Coming To PS3 And Xbox 360 November 19

Realta Entertainment Group announced Monday morning that BandFuse: Rock Legends, a music video game where legendary rockers transform players into real-world guitarists, bassists and vocalists, will launch in North America on ...
by Mark



Day One DLC For Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma is being released this midnight in the United States and you will notice when you start to play the game that you will be prompted with a notice informing you that there is already a list of DLC available for t...
by Mark


The Quick and the Dead (Week of September 23rd)

So last week I had told all of you about my plan to obtain reliable and free internet. My plan worked for a few hours, until Robo-Mark began demanding more bacon at the Comcast office. From there he managed to recruit Chris-bot...
by Andrew


until dawn deer

Review: Until Dawn


The Final Score 4.5 / 5 -
by Mark

mk box art

Mortal Kombat Review

The Final Score / 5 -
by George