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Quickie: Army Corps of Hell

The Final Score / 5 -
by Chris


Red Faction: Armageddon Review

Platform: , ,

The Final Score 2.5 / 5 -
by Chris


Avengers Arena 2 cover

Avengers Arena #2 Review


Overall Review 3 / 5 -
by Mark


Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta Update

For those of you who have an active PlayStation Plus membership then you can go and download the Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta off PSN right now before it goes live. The beta is set to go live on Thursday April 19th. Now for ...
by Mark



It’s Alive, Alive! Playstation Store Relaunched Just Moments Ago!

♪Guess whats back, back, back, back again. The stores back, back, back here it is!♪ Announced by SONY, just moments ago the store is once again live! I repeat the Playstation Store is alive and kicking!
by George


Where is my OUYA review?

So yeah, OUYA is a thing. The most successful gaming related Kickstarter campaign in history has finally been shipped out to backers and is quickly approaching its full retail launch. A few weeks ago we did our unboxing and I p...
by Chris


rayman 3 hd

First Impressions: Rayman 3 HD

Long before any of the many Raving Rabbids releases, the educational games, or the many ports, Rayman had a game all his own. Rayman Origins released late last year for almost all platforms (excluding the PS Vita which was  re...
by George


Animal Gods Reaches its Funding Target

Indie developer Still Games is extremely happy to share the news that their game Animal Gods has reached its funding target! Everyone at Still Games would like to thank their backers, as well as the media and press and ever...
by Mark



‘God Of War: Ascension’ Surfaces On Amazon (Teaser Trailer Included)

We all know Sony has a special announcement coming tomorrow and many assume it’s going to be a God Of War announcement. Gamers have begun going apeshit after slipped up and listed God Of War: Ascension for pre-...
by Malik


Marvel Heroes Gets Release Date & New Trailer

Today it was announced that Marvel Heroes will be released on June 4th, 2013 with Early Game Access Begins on May 28th for anyone who is part of the Marvel Heroes Founders Program gets to play in Early Game Access, beginnin...
by Mark