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June 24, 2015

E3 2015: The Reunion is Finally at Hand


Sometimes, dreams do come true. At this year’s E3, we received confirmation of the long requested and awaited Final Fantasy VII remake. Despite no gameplay being shown, no release window being given, just knowing it exists was enough to make a room full of journalists stand and cheer while others (myself included) shed a tear or two at the exciting news. It’s finally happening people, dreams do come true. Now comes the hard part. No, not the waiting, though that will surely be difficult as well, the hard part is figuring out what exactly remake means to one of the most beloved games of all time.

Square Enix was very clear when they showed the word “Remake” prominently at the end of the trailer. This is not a simple HD re-release or full remaster of the original content. Square has already said that changes will need to be made. As scary as that sounds, they might be right. As a long time fan I can see through the flaws and appreciate the game itself, but JRPG’s themselves have changed a great deal even just from Final Fantasy VII to VIII, let alone almost 20 years later. Luckily, Square is still choosing their words carefully when talking at the early stage about changes. They use words like evolution, not change, and that is comforting to someone who has loved the game for as many years as it has existed. They also acknowledge the need to update the once revolutionary but now horribly dated visuals in a way the game needs and deserves. They realize that some of the story may need to be cleaned up or made more clear.


The question now is how different will the remake be from the original? My hope is that if square does deviate from the old school systems of combat and the like, they go toward a more Crisis Core style. Crisis Core managed to successfully blend some of the real time combat systems of a game like Kingdom Hearts with all the skills and abilities expected from Final Fantasy VII. Something like this with a bit of Advent Children’s flair could make for some exciting combat. The legendary score will surely receive an update and with the trailer already using some of Advent Children’s music, it’s likely we’ll see a shift more in the film’s direction with regards to its own score. As long as they remain a tad bit more true to the original–maybe not quite so much heavy guitar in every track–this could work nicely in their favor. Visuals on the other hand should be as close to, if not better than the film. Of course I speak to the graphical fidelity, the style should and almost certainly will fall much more in line with the game.

The major questions from fans currently revolve around some of FF7’s more…dubious sequences. Most noteworthy would be the infamous Cloud crossdressing sequence, which I myself can envision as being hilarious. Will Square keep these quirky moments, or alter or even remove them to keep more in line with modern audiences? Of course, we can only speculate now, and it’s hard not to as a fan. It is a scary and wonderful time for fans and newcomers alike. Likely the most requested remake of all time is finally happening, and now we need only wait for whatever comes of it. In the mean time, let’s take to heart a few words from the reveal trailer and let us know below what you want or don’t want in the remake. As always, keep it here on ThoseGamingNerds.

The reunion at hand may bring joy, it may bring fear, but let us embrace whatever it brings.



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