August 20, 2015

Quickie: Fairy Fencer F

Fair Fencer F 1

It’s always a wonderful thing when a PS3 game like Fairy Fencer F makes the transition from console to PC and improves in just about every area. Idea Factory’s push to make JRPGs mainstream on PC is on the right track with another excellent quality port. The game itself, I’ll leave that for another day, but I am swooning over how fast the game loads. Battles seem to be over in a flash, new areas load almost instantly, all without issue. I missed out on playing the original back on the PS3, but I know for a fact (as does Mark who played the original release) that at its best it couldn’t touch this level of performance.

The hidden benefit of that performance is that it makes grinding much less of a pain in the ass. Grinding is rarely enjoyable, but at least I can spam my way through a few dozen battles in a relatively short amount of time. I haven’t really reached the point where I actively avoid fighting things unless I need to level, but that’s due entirely to the fact that most battles, especially in zones I have already cleared, add an additional 90 seconds of play time, if that. Battles can still be challenging, but the game is just so fast and moving through menus and load screens that they almost seem irrelevant.

Fairy Fencer F 2

Oh, and I absolutely adore the music that plays when you Fairize. That Power Rangers style theme song where you just know you are about to kick someone’s ass…beautiful. Also, I love that I gave my character burnt toast to walk around with in his mouth. It’s the best kind of dumb and I laugh like an idiot whenever I see him making a victory pose with some random burnt piece of toast hanging out of his mouth.

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