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January 10, 2016

Mark’s Top 10 Games of 2015

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To me 2015 was a big year for gaming, as the sophomore year for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One we finally started getting the big next gen titles we’ve been waiting for, also it was a lackluster year for me personally with the lack of great PlayStation Vita games to play. If we look back at 2014 there were three Vita games on my top 10 list, whereas this year there is only one, I hope this doesn’t translate into 2016 with no quality games coming out on the handheld. ¬†But before I jump into my list of the top 10 games for me in 2015 I’d like to just throw out some honorable mentions to some games that while I really enjoyed them, they just didn’t make the overall cut:

  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 (even though I played it for hours on end and loved it)
  • Rocket League
  • The Witcher 3
  • Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
  • Guitar Hero Live
  • Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2

These games I really enjoyed and in a few cases loved, and while they are deserving of recognition there were many factors that I took into consideration when making my list and ultimately these were the games that didn’t make it. It was a close call for a few of them though. So without further delay let’s go over what I feel are my top 10 games of 2015.


10. Batman: Arkham Knight

Back in the summer when I first got Batman: Arkham Knight and started playing it within 24 hours I posted online that this game could easily be my game of the year for 2015. Now, the reason why it wasn’t is that there were a lot of great games to come out this year and also after finishing the game I felt that while it is a great game it could have been better. Also, the game relying on the use of the batmobile so much really started to annoy me and got repetitive and boring, if the batmobile was used in moderation and not as much the game could have been higher up on my list. Not to take anything away from the game though, it was amazing.

omega quintet

9. Omega Quintet

I don’t hide my love of JRPGs from the world, so it should be no surprise that one of the few rpgs that I spend well over a hundred hours playing would make the list. Omega Quintet was one of those games that had a great combat system, item and weapon crafting and a whole sleuth of other bonus content and features to make the game fun to play. What really convinced me that this game should be on my list was the replay value, while most rpgs end and that’s it Omega Quintet had various endings, bonus scenes, etc based on how you played the game and certain requirements being met, which really helped me get through my multiple NG+ playthroughs that I did.

dying light 10

8. Dying Light

An open world zombie game with weapon crafting and co-op? Wait these’s parkour and a level system with a skill tree? Sold! Dying Light is a lot of fun, whether you’re playing it late at night by yourself just running around salvaging scrap around the city or in a group with your friends taking down tanks and trying to survive the night in the game there is no reason not to love this game. With there finally being some DLC being released for the game inn February (it’s a bout time) I don’t see Dying Light failing to suck me back into it’s world.

the order

7. The Order: 1886

By now some of you are saying “The Order… really?” yes really, even though this game had mixed reviews in the gaming world I feel that it was a visual masterpiece. I know the game was short and honestly lacked a lot of time where you actually had gameplay going on but it told a story, a damn good one at that. I’ve always been a fan of London in the 1800’s so I may be biased but hell this is my top 10 list after all so I can do what I want. I look forward to a possible sequel for the game as if you have played this game then you know this story is far from over and in the long run I think we’ll all look back at The Order as a franchise and it being great.


6. Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart

Can we just take a quick moment to let it soak in that there is a PlayStation Vita game on my list? I’m shocked too especially after how great the previous year was for the handheld system. What really got me with this game is that it was the first time that the Hyperdimension series ditched it’s usual main character of Neptune and instead gave Noire the spotlight, also this was the first time the game went from it’s regular rpg and dungeon crawling nature and instead was a tactical role-playing game. The game featured 22 (yes 22!) playable characters that are satires of major and iconic video game characters ranging from Solid Snake to Chun Li. To the day of this top 10 list being posted I am actually still playing this game on my Vita and PSTV.

tales from the borderland

5. Tales From The Borderlands

After The Wolf Among Us came out in 2014 I figured TellTale Games would easily dominate 2015 with more games since they had Tales From The Borderlands, Game of Thrones and a Minecraft game all slated to come out. I was at first not sure how I would feel about a Borderlands game given the point and click episodic treatment, but after finishing the first episode I knew the game would be great. Between the outlandish humor and an interesting story the game had me hooked. If there is one game that I would say you need to play if you haven’t already it would be Tales From The Borderlands.


4. Star Wars: Battlefront

Very rarely does a first person shooter make my top 10 lists, mainly because I feel that most shooters are the same and lack any overall originally to make them stand out among the others but it’s Star Wars. Battlefront is a lot of fun, I still play it a few times a week for hours on end because not only are there a good amount of various game modes but it also looks pretty damn sweet. Also, Star Wars! From being able to battle it out in the skies with tie fighters and x-wings to playing as your favorite hero or villain from the original trilogy the game as a little bit of everything for both fps fans and Star Wars fans alike.


3.  Fallout 4

Oh Bathesda, even after E3 I was still skeptical of Fallout 4 as me and this franchise have quite the jaded history from game crippling glitches in New Vegas that cost me a 30 plus hour save file to Fallout 3 just crashing constantly. I will say that Fallout 4 renewed my faith in the franchise and dare I say it’s one of the few non-jrpgs that I put over ninety hours in during 2015. The story was alright and nothing to really get overhyped about, but where it really shined was being able to create and build your own settlements, weapon building, upgrading armor, and just having an open world to explore and have fun in. While the game is great overall and I did enjoy playing it I felt there could have been improvements to truly make it the best game of the year.


2. Life is Strange

I’ve been a big fan of episodic games for the past couple of years, and Life is Strange was one of the best episodic games I’ve played in 2015. Sure it was pretty difficult to relate to a teenage girl who love photograph but the game had an interesting and unique story that reminded me of the movie The Butterfly Effect (even though the game basically could have been called that) and while I couldn’t personally relate to the main character there were still times that the game hit me right in the feels. It was also nice that if I felt I made a mistake or wanted to redo a dialog choice I could simply hit a button and rewind time, it’s also one of the few episodic games I actually replayed more than once.

until dawn

1. Until Dawn

Until Dawn was a hands down #1 on my list for 2015, it really had everything I loved about 80s horror films with it’s campy nature and diverse characters. The main bread and butter was how you could see your choices shape the game and lead to who ultimately survives until dawn (see what I did there?). While most will argue the game was a cliche cheese fest, I say that is what made it so great, go back and watch movies like Sleepaway Camp, Evil Dead, Cabin in the Woods, etc and you’ll see how Until Dawn is full of the tropes that made those films great. The gameplay also added to the thrills and chills of the game when quick time events were necessary to complete perfectly to decide if a character would live or die, hell you could even decide to fail them on purpose if you wanted a character you didn’t like to get killed off (sometimes) and one of the more nerve maddening instances is where you had to not move at all, and a slight tilt or movement on the control would mean an untimely end for you at that moment. I played through this game more times than I could count as I wanted to see just how evolved and unique the story would change if certain characters did things differently.



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