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July 5, 2011

Survey Suggests New Crossover Game…by Sony

Those of you who participate in product research surveys may have received a Playstation 3 survey today. The survey pertains to a new Playstation 3 game. Without explaining anything about the style of the game, the survey asks you to select your favorite characters from a sizable list featuring both first and third party titles. Fan favorites like Cloud, Kratos, and Sir Daniel Fortesque are joined by the likes of Lara Croft, John Marston, and Batman. After several selections, eventually ending with you selecting your favorite character, the survey asks how you would feel about a game featuring these characters. Such a collaboration of first and third party characters could be an interesting prospect, if not a bit difficult to imagine. Could this be a game similar to this year’s Playstation Move Heroes, or perhaps more along the lines of Nintendo’s immensely popular Super Smash Bros?



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