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February 1, 2012

The Ion-Insider: Blame Canada Eh?


With the Playstation Vita early release bundle coming out in two weeks (February 15th) and it’s official launch on 22nd of February I expected to start seeing some great trade-in deals for the Vita through the two largest stores that cary it in my area, Best Buy and Gamestop. But, I was wrong, apparently here in America those two giant companies just want my money and don’t want to hook me up with any sort of deal to help me afford such an expensive buy. This is where I get angry though, Canada….

That’s right Canada, they get a not one but two awesome deals with trade ins towards the Vita. For starters they get a deal where you can get $100 off the price of one if you trade-in any four games worth $8 or more towards it. That means I could trade in shitty games and get a Vita first edition bundle for $249 of whatever Monopoly colorful currency they use up there. Now, don’t get me wrong I in no way hate Canadians per-say, it’s more of a jealous factor for me. And to make it worse that deal isn’t even the one that makes me angry, the fact that I could go to Canada and trade-in any  system (including handhelds) towards the Vita you get an automatic $40 increase in it’s worth, WTF!?

Where’s my incentive to purchase the Vita at a specific store? Where’s my discount on not having to pay $349 in two weeks? I have a job and bills and I’m an adult and it’s not fair that I have to scrounge around my finances just so I can play Gravity Rush and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Then again, I am still getting the Vita so regardless I get to have new games to play and a new handheld. Now if only Nintendo can post some more losses and have to give up some first party games and I can play a PS Vita version of Pokemon with AR implemented in is so depending on what environment I am playing at with the camera showing it would dictate what Pokemon type would attack me randomly. Oh the wishful thinking that I always have.

Regardless the current situation with the trade-in values in Canada makes me start to think about possibly getting myself a Dual Citizenship, I just wonder if I get the awesome health care our nerdy brothers in the North have?

I may have to look into this eh?



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