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March 26, 2012

The Ion-Insider: What I Think The PS Vita Needs


Last month Sony released the much anticipated PS Vita in the United States, despite falling sales numbers in Japan the PS Vita seemed like it would do better here. Now a month later I personally feel that the Vita isn’t doing too well and is far from living up to the hype and potential that Sony first talked about at last years E3. While the sales numbers are there and with an okay library of launch games, only a few stand out as worth their retail price so far. It just seems that there are a lot of things missing, and now I’ll get into what I think should already be out for the PS Vita and things that should be available soon.


So far the PS Vita has a few apps, although the apps are mainly social media based including Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. The Vita also features the Music Unlimited app and offers a 30-day free trial for Vita users. The main app I find myself using of course is Netflix, but, with all the things the Vita can do and what Sony told us I think there are a few apps that are needed and an update to tweak a few things with the current apps. Here’s a look at what I think should be added and fixed:

  • Facebook – Make it easier to add pictures/videos taken on the PS Vita to be posted to your wall. Possibly tweak it so the chat can work as well.
  • Skype – We all know Microsoft owns Skype now, and given a signed deal with Sony before that purchase took place we are awaiting Skype to finally come to the PS Vita.
  • Instagram – Yes I know Flickr is on the Vita but the things you can do to photos in Instagram is better and offers a way to take those photos and put them onto various social media sites.
  • Hulu  Plus – I don’t see how this app won’t make it eventually to the PS Vita, it’s already on the PS3 and Xbox-360 and I feel that this is another streaming type app that will make the PS Vita appeal more for those of us gamers that like to have access to media when we’re on the go.
  • YouTube – With the ability to record videos on the Vita with both the rear and front-facing camera it would only be right to give us Vita owners a YouTube app so we can upload our videos onto the site, as well as give us the option to watch videos as well.

That’s really all there is for apps that I think should be on the PS Vita either now or within the near future. I’m sure that Sony already has a list of Apps that they plan on releasing and it’s more about timing and making sure all the kinks are worked out in them. Owning and using the PS Vita isn’t all about apps though and there is some good things about the functionality aspect of it, for instance the way media is transferred from the PC to the Vita and vice versa is great and well organized.


Now this is the part where it’s tough to honestly write about as there are a good amount of games on the shelves right now for the PS Vita but the amount of games on that list that I would honestly buy and play are very limited. The first thing I did with my Vita when I got it was to go into my download history and put a few of the PSP games I enjoyed playing on my Vita to play again. The lack of PS One and Mini games support for the PS Vita is the biggest disappointment for me right now, as I have a large collection of purchased classics and minis I would like to be able to play on while I’m on the go. I know that it is a plan down the road for the support to be implemented and I can be patient but in the mean time I was hoping for a more “AAA” title filled list of Vita games on the market right now. Another thing that is really affecting the PS Vita is game delays, the handheld has only been out a month now and we have two major titles (in my opinion) pushed back, Gravity Rush and Silent Hill: Book of Memories. I think the delay of Gravity Rush is what bothers me the most since I got to play it and I was under the impression that it was going to stay as one of the launch titles, the game looks beautiful and really showcases the motion controls of the PS Vita to the full extent. Along with those two games the future release dates of other games coming out seem very condensed or still in the  “TBD” category. With April seeing no real releases other than Disgaea 3 and then May seeing three big releases with Resistance, Mortal Kombat and Silent Hill it seems the summer will be very void of any impact with the PS Vita.

Final Thoughts

You can’t forget that there is still E3 though, so I’m more than 100% sure we will see a lot more major titles announced from the Vita including: Call of Duty, MGS HD Collection, Final Fantasy X, as well as some other big names, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed on Persona 4 and Shin Megami Tensei. Another key factor with games that I think is also lacking right now is the feature of cross-platform play with the Playstation 3. I hope that we see more titles feature this as well as more announcements about what else Sony plans on expanding with the combined aspects of both.

Needless to say it may seem like I am not impressed with the PS Vita at all but that could not be further from the truth. I enjoy the games that I currently own and play and an honorable mention should be brought up for the party chat on the Vita which is great and hopefully one day we can see that implemented on the Playstation 3. With all that being said I just think that there are some things that need to be done on Sony’s end to finally convince those gamers that are still floating around the line on whether to spend the money on the Vita or not right now.




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