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March 27, 2012

Chris’ Controversial Corner: I Know You Are But What Am I?


It’s funny how important brand recognition is in society today. People don’t want anything unless it is backed by a big name brand. Even gamers pledge their loyalty to a box with a brand on it. But what happens when that blind commitment goes too far? I’ll tell you, you get articles like this, where people take blind fanboyism way too seriously. I hate giving articles like this recognition, but I couldn’t let this one go.

Ok, so let me get this straight. This guy gets called a loser for owning a PS3, then rather than let it go he goes home and writes an article on why the Playstation brand, arguably the most recognizable brand in gaming, must die. Well I mean after a conversation like that between two third graders coworkers, one of which clearly knows little to nothing about gaming, who wouldn’t figure that out? Oh I don’t know, maybe the other 99% of gamers who aren’t complete fools. So his coworker hates PS3, that’s fine. He thinks he’s a loser, while the jury is still out on that one I can safely say it is not because he owns a PS3.

He says the brand need to die because we need this guy…I think this guy needs some help.

So he goes on to say that Sony is missing out on the audience in which his coworker falls into. Um, good? That’s exactly the kind of person many games associate with the Xbox, uneducated fanboys. His friend bought an Xbox because he heard Halo was cool from some nerd. Then he bought it to play with his friend. They sucked so they said, “Yo, I bet if we get everyone on the Xbox well kick some ass. I’m just not feeling it without the rest of the guys ya know bro?” So they get their other stupid friends on and suck at Halo together, all the while developing some superiority complex from ending 5 and 11 (an improvement over the previous best, 3 and 16). Now some dude shows up at the bumper factory talking up the PS3, you know, that other box that can’t get Call of Duty maps for 30 days and can’t read my god damn Halo disc.

I’m sorry, do I have to continue? I think I’ve made my point. I’m not trashing 360 players, Xbox Live is legit and that’s where a lot of people play with their friends because, yeah, they all have Xbox’s. I’ve been there. My problem is with guys like that bro up there who think it isn’t cool if it isn’t Xbox. The author isn’t a loser for owning a PS3, and Sony should be happy their network isn’t plagued by Xbox fanboys like that guy. How any of this translates to the Playstation brand needing to die…well maybe there is an answer further down.

Ok something about genius level marketing…Jump In was the big slogan for the 360. Genus marketing was talking about Halo on the first Xbox. Just…talk about Halo. Doesn’t take a genius for any of that. Now we play the numbers game. Citing VGChartz…argument is now invalid. Never trust anything that ends in Z when it should be an S…never! He was talking about how Xbox 360 is outselling PS3 in North America, but was doing worse everywhere else. Guess who plays the numbers game? Fanboys. Sony is not only keeping up worldwide, but they now have four active platforms on the market (PS2, PSP, PS3, and PSVita), Microsoft has…one. They didn’t even keep the first Xbox going after the launch of the 360; meanwhile Sony is still selling the PS2. Clearly the brand carries weight, even on an 11 year old platform.

He says this would never work…I think they're on to something here. Also this is entirely irrelevant.

Ok talking about commercials. I’m sorry is he saying Sony is lacking commercials? Are there still people in this world who have yet to hear the words of Kevin Butler, VP of Everything Awesome? By the way, you can keep that one Kevin. If anyone is doing a good job of getting their brand recognized, it’s Sony with those commercials. Everyone has seen KB work his magic, it’s like a sexy car wreck where the drivers are not only unharmed, but they are attractive and walk away as the car explodes. No body looks at their own explosions, and nobody wants to look away from that one.

Ok I’m sorry; I’ve been talking nonsense this whole time. Want to know why? Because that what this article is. Not once is a valid point given as to why Sony needs to kill the Playstation brand. So what if they don’t attract the fanboy gamer. They never will. That what makes them fanboys. You want to talk about brand recognition? Ask anyone you know if they know what a Playstation is, then Xbox. I guarantee as many people, if not more, know what a Playstation is or have heard of it. He said it, brand recognition is key. The the smartest thing Sony can do is keep the brand going strong. He should spend less time worrying about brands and more time worrying about the people he associates himself with. Maybe take a step back and analyze his acquaintances. Might need some new ones.

No hard feelings.



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