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April 21, 2011

PAX Prime Registration Now Open



This past Friday the official registration for PAX Prime has started (the event is located in Seattle, WA) and will take place from August 26th until the 28th. I was able to attend PAX East this past March and it was a blast. If you haven’t been able to check out a PAX event before I strongly recommend you try to attend, the prices for the event aren’t bad at all, and its more or less the travel expenses depending on where you are that will really hurt your wallet. The prices are as followed:

Friday Pass: $35
Saturday Pass: $35
Sunday Pass: $35
3 Day Pass: $60

So as you can see the prices aren’t that bad and if you are on the fence about whether or not you want to go I would suggest you don’t wait too long to make your decision as the three day passes will sell out (they sold out of 3-day passes for PAX East as well as Friday passes).  If you don’t know what to expect at PAX, I will be posting updates on the event as information is made available as well as share some of my own personal experiences from the previous PAX event I attended.

For all the information you need that is available right now for PAX Prime (prices, how to register, hotel, travel, etc) check out the official PAX Prime website here:




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