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April 2, 2012

Rumor: Apple Manufacturing iOS Physical Controllers


We all know that Apple has had an eye on a share of the gaming market for a while. If this wasn’t obvious before, the announcement of the new iPad and their recruitment of Epic Games to do an exclusive title for the platform should be a primary indicator of this. Apple’s overall silence on their gaming aspirations is a scary indicator that they have something huge on the way and with the rumor of them working on a physical controller for iOS, one can only assume that the often pondered and speculated Apple gaming platform is starting to slowly reveal itself to the industry.

While reviewing and boasting on the new iPads graphical gaming wonders,¬†AnandTech’s¬†Anand Lal Shimpi reported that he’d been hinted to about “an internal Apple project to bring a physical controller to market”. He then concluded that his sources were not able to determine whether Apple has absolutely decided to go this route.

When you think about it, this seems to be a logical move for Apple if they plan on seriously making a push for the hardcore gamers market. Android’s Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich operating systems already allow for wired and wireless controller support; a feature viewed by Mr. Lal Shimpi as an advantage.

I’m not sure about you guys but I’m going to keep an eye on those sly devils over at Apple. Especially with Sony and Nintendo’s recent struggles with losses of over a 1.7 billion suffered between the both of them. This seems like the most opportune time for Apple to make their dashing entrance into the mainstream gaming market.'s iCade 8-Bitty. An example of an iOS third-party controller.

Via: AnandTech



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