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April 16, 2012

PAX East 2012: Hell Yeah! Hands-on Preview


“Killing monsters in as many bloody ways as possible” That seems to be the best way to describe Sega’s next game release called Hell Yeah! Wrath of The Dead Rabbit, I got to play the first level of the game at PAX East this year and I must say the game holds nothing back when it comes to blood and unique ways to kill enemies. The game is being made by Arkedo Studios which is a French indie game developing studio and one must ask just what went on in that studio when they thought up some of the dialog and creative deaths in this game.

Sometimes you just gotta "squeeze it"…

From what I played of the game the premise is that you play as Ash who just so happens to be the rabbit prince of Hell who is on the hunt for Fat Rabbit who took photos revealing his rubber ducky fetish, I’ll repeat this one more time just to make sure you read it right, his “rubber ducky” fetish and put them on the hellternet. The game takes you through countless levels with a unique and gory platform style of gameplay as you mow down Fat Rabbit’s minions and destroy mini-boss style minions along the way. A very straight to the point story and not so simple gameplay.

The game uses only a few buttons for the controls, analog stick to move, a button to jump and then an action button for your chainsaw and other add-ons you unlock along the way. As simple as that sounds it really isn’t all that simple, the game has elements from all the top side scrolling platform games you grew up playing, from Castlevania to Mega-Man. The game will make you backtrack to previous levels once you’ve unlocked new weapons and skills so you can access previously unobtainable areas to find more minions of Fat Rabbit to slaughter. Now most smaller enemies can be dispatched of easily by running into them while you have your chainsaw and splatter blood all over the screen, but the bigger minions throughout the levels, which there are only one of each throughout the game bringing in over a hundred unique enemies for you to kill, must be killed in a quick real-time mini game style event which could feature you just button mashing one button or doing a quick command. It varies based on the enemy and where you are in the game.

Hell Yeah! has a nice pick up and play feel to it and at the same time the gameplay and very contrasting visuals that make it look so good keeps you hooked in to not want to put the controller down. This game comes out this summer on Xbox Live, Playstation Network and PC and it quickly went from a game I knew nothing about to jumping up to my top five games you need to check out this summer. For more news and information about Hell Yeah! don’t forget to check back here at ThoseGamingNerds and also if you haven’t already head over to our YouTube Channel and check out my interview with Camille Guermonprez the head at Akedo Studios, it was a great interview and he is one hilarious person to talk to.



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