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March 11, 2013

The Quick and the Dead (Week of March 12th)


Hello everyone, Andrew here for the first time this year to tell you about games you should be spending your money on. Now if you are wondering where I have been these last few months, you should keep your questions to yourself as that is private information. However I can tell you this I have spend a few months sitting at the negotiation tables with Mark, where we have decided that I should stop trying to kill him. Instead Mark and I will be working together to create all new wondrous food items made out of bacon. As to where this leaves Chris; he should currently be somewhere near or on Mount Rushmore fighting off my communist robot zombie figs. And seeing how they are so dedicated to their goal, it is only a matter of time before Chris is out of the picture. Anyway if I speak any longer I will start rambling and no one wants that, lets get on with the show.

This is how the Quick and the Dead works:

  • Quick off the shelves: This game will sell out fast, think the likes of Halo, Uncharted, or pretty much any Blizzard game. Better Pre-Order.
  • Late to the party: This game is good, but it won’t be until an update or small price drop that this game takes off. At least it is fashionably late.
  • Bargain Bin Bound: This is the kind of game you don’t buy unless it is less than $20 and no one is watching. Ever have the feeling that guy behind the counter is judging you? You are probably buying one of these.
  • Dead on Arrival: It’s the games they play in hell.

God of War: Ascension


The Good: Sense of scale is everything, and in God of War everything is made to epic scales. Every environment and creature has been made to either to make you wonder at its splendor or scare the crap out of you, and it is all wonderfully done. The traditional feel of God of War with the blood and guts is still alive and well throughout most of the  game.

The Bad: Not much can be said to be new in this the newest edition of God of War. Seems as though almost everything they could think of to improve gameplay or jazz things up has been done before or perfected in God of War 3. All that was left was the story and that leaves us with a Kratos who isn’t the rage driven revenge crazed maniac we have all come to love.

Can I be your friend?

Can I be your friend?

The Verdict: What can I say about God of War: Ascension? It is more of the same crazy fighting that we expect from all God of War games. But the main character has no unquenchable rage, something that we also come to expect. How will this effect the game? Probably not a lot, I would have to say the God of War: Ascension will be…


Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm


The Good: The next chapter of the space drama is now available. Heart of the Swarm offers up new units and a continued story from Wings of Liberty.

The Bad: The production of the entire South Korean population will drop for a few days.

Looks like there's roach problems everywhere.

Looks like there’s roach problems everywhere.

The Verdict: Not much to say about this one. Really I am not sure if I really need to say it as I’m sure we all know that Heart of the Swarm will be…






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