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June 10, 2013

The Quick And The Dead (Week of June 11th)


Mark back again with this weeks Quick and The Dead, and I’m going to give you the low down on this weeks new game releases. As usual for our newer readers who might not know what exactly the quick and the dead is here’s the quick rundown of how this works. So in the Quick and The Dead we go over what new games are dropping this week and give our opinion on if they game will be a hit or not with our oh so original system to score on which you can see below:

  • Quick Off The Shelves: This game will sell out fast, think the likes of Halo, Uncharted, or pretty much any Blizzard game. Better Pre-Order.
  • Late to The Party: This game is good, but it won’t be until an update or small price drop that this game takes off. At least it is fashionably late.
  • Bargain Bin Bound: This is the kind of game you don’t buy unless it is less than $20 and no one is watching. Ever have the feeling that guy behind the counter is judging you? You are probably buying one of these.
  • Dead on Arrival: It’s the games they play in hell.


The Last of Us


The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic action shooter game developed by Naughty Dog, you might remember them from games such as Uncharted, Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter. In The Last of Us you play as Joel, accompanied by Ellie, as you both work together and try to survive in your journey across the country.


The Good: A brand new IP from Naughty Dog who are consistent with putting out great games, also the story and visuals are top notch and it looks amazing. Post-apocalyptic games have been done before but something about The Last of Us seems refreshing and new to this genre type.

The Bad: The possibility of “predictability” is always something to be weary of when it comes to these types of games as there are so many niches that they can fall into that ultimate make the game repetitive and borderline boring as you can predict enemy encounters and where the plot is going.


The Verdict: The Last of Us is the “last game of a generation” for Sony so it’s name is almost ominous to that, this could be that one game that ushers in the next generation by being a nearly perfect game. If you’re a PlayStation 3 owner there is no excuse not to pick this game up and dare I say this could be one of those titles that is so good it’s justifiable in it’s own right to pick up a PS3 just to play it.



Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS is the latest installment of the community-building franchise, the game has new features and general improvements from the previous titles, including new species of animal neighbors, new ways to customize your house and town, and a new main street shopping area and model home showcase.


The Good: Animal Crossing has always been a fun game to play and a great way to kill some time while on the go, with New Leaf I think it’s great to have an improved game with new features on the 3DS as for right now the 3Ds really lacks a lot of big games and this could be one of the games that will motivate you to dust off that 3DS.

The Bad: Dialog has always been a drag in these games as well as the user interface, and from what I’ve seen those two things haven’t been improved on.

new leaf

The Verdict: Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a necessity right now for the 3DS as many owners of the 3DS (myself included) are ready for some new games that are fun to play now that the initial rime frame of the last good 3DS game (Fire Emblem) is over. I don’t see this game being good enough to buy a 3DS just to play but it is good enough to take out the 3DS and give it a few hours of play here and there. And for fans of the Animal Crossing franchise this game is sure to get picked up day one.


That’s it for this week’s new releases, it’s a huge week for gaming with the release of The Last of Us and lets not forget a little convention you might have heard of called E3 that is going on starting tomorrow. So definitely check back here at ThoseGamingNerds for coverage of this years E3.



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